Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad

By: Cassandra Dee

“See you around, whatever your name is,” he rumbled again, that deep voice stroking me like velvet as the door closed softly behind him.

And I stood there for a moment, stock still from shock. Oh god, what had just happened? We hadn’t exchanged more than two sentences, I hadn’t been in Robert’s presence for more than five minutes and yet I was completely floored, off-balance, breathing hard, my cheeks flushed, body aroused. How did the alpha male do it to me? How did he have such power over me, over my body? And why oh why had I acted like such an idiot, tongue-tied like a shy, inexperienced girl?

But I forced myself to calm down. It was okay. The refrigerator was here now, the man gone, and I’d probably never see him again. It’s fine, Ally, it’s fine, I told myself. It was just a one-time encounter.

And that’s what I believed as the semester started. I figured I’d never see Mr. Martin again and put the incident firmly out of my mind, determined to focus on school. And what do you know, but Jonah was in a lot of the same classes as me. He’s not a bad person, although he looks and acts nothing like his father. He’s small, with curly brown hair and brown eyes, instead of the deep, penetrating blue of his dad. But he’s nice, we study together a lot and one day, when we were getting coffee, he asked me if I wanted to date him exclusively. I was shocked, honestly. I hadn’t realized that we were even dating, we were more study buddies. But Jonah was insistent.

“I think a lot of people already think you’re my girlfriend,” he said with a proprietary air. “I mean, you’re in my room a lot.”

I frowned. That was true, but that was because we were hitting the books. Correction, I was studying while he played video games, but I guess from the outside, a closed door is a closed door.

“Really?” I asked. “I didn’t realize, I mean, I didn’t even know you liked me.”

Jonah snorted.

“Of course I like you, you’re beautiful Ally,” he said with an off-hand air. “Can’t you tell I’m interested?”

I shook my head, still skeptical. Jonah had never made a move on me, we’d never kissed, never even really hugged come to think about it. At most, he’d offered to get me a latte when going on a coffee run, but that was something a good friend might do. So I shook my head.

“You sure?” I asked slowly. “I mean, we don’t act like a couple,” I said hesitantly. “We don’t hold hands or anything like that.”

But Jonah just scoffed.

“Seriously Ally, you’re so behind. I thought you were a modern woman, that you wouldn’t buy into traditional expressions of love and affection. It’s so antiquated and gendered, I really thought you’d be beyond that, with the deep insight and outward vision to look beyond traditional manifestations of affection.”

I was silent for a moment, trying to absorb what he was saying. All the mumbo jumbo was confusing, and it was like he’d planned it, memorizing the speech from a textbook. What the hell, why couldn’t he use plain English? I was just about to say no thanks, put the kibosh on it, when Jonah took me by surprise. He leaned over and planted one on my lips, slobbery and wet, kinda like a fuzzy puppy giving a doggie kiss.

“Mmmph!” I drew back, surprised more than anything. But Jonah just went in for it even more.

“Oh baby,” he muttered between licking my cheeks like the aforementioned dog, “oh baby, you’re so sweet, so beautiful.”

And I jerked back then, ready to put this to rest once and for all, I definitely, absolutely could not be his girlfriend seeing that I wasn’t attracted to him one bit. But at that very moment, the door to his room opened and my friend Penny burst in. Oh shit, that’s right we were studying with Penny for the final, and I’d forgotten that she was joining us a little late, after her other study group.

“Oh my god!” she shrieked, eyes going wide, hand covering her mouth. “Oh my god, oh my god, it’s true! You guys are in love! Everyone said, but I didn’t believe it.”

And Jonah took the opportunity to put his arm around me possessively.

“Yeah, Ally and I just decided to make it formal,” he said proudly, as if announcing a prize he’d just won. “She’s officially my girlfriend now.”

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