Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad

By: Cassandra Dee

But Jonah had already stormed off, so I merely nodded at the girl.

“After you,” I rumbled, ignoring the boy’s insult.

And the brunette nodded, biting her lip, smiling at me shyly once more.

“Thanks so much,” she murmured while holding the door open for me. We made it up to the third floor without incident and once I put the refrigerator on the floor, I got my first good look at the brunette. Holy shit, the air froze in my throat, and my body hardened immediately. Because the woman was abso-fucking-lutely delicious. A huge rack led the way, curvy and soft, emphasizing a tiny waist before flaring into generous hips, wide and swinging. And her ass, oh god that ass. The brunette wore tight jeans that hugged every curve, emphasizing the sinuous S-shape, the fact that it was so huge, so luscious, like a shelf. I literally fought my body, forcing my erection down, but no such luck. I was hard, there was no fucking two ways about it, my dick was stiff merely from the sight of this vixen and the only way to hide it was to get out of there stat.

So without waiting for introductions, I beat feet, muttering a casual “See ya,” before disappearing into my car until the blood flowed normally, until I could breathe without rasping, my dick subsiding to a normal size once more. What the fuck was wrong with me? Get yourself together, I ground out to myself, you’re a grown man, what the fuck?

But the thing is, I can still see images of that beautiful body dancing before my eyes despite my best efforts, months later. Even though there are women popping out of my ears, offering themselves to me right and left, I still think about that one teen girl, a college freshman wearing jeans and a sweater, with the big brown eyes and peachy pout. And fuck me, but I’m such a loser. Because my brain goes in circles dreaming about this woman, I can’t help it, and shit, but I don’t even know the brunette’s name. She’s a random college co-ed that I met for five minutes, and I’ll probably never see her again.

So I grunted, shaking my head with disgust, dropping my gym bag next to the front door carelessly. Fuck, even the hard work-out hadn’t distracted me, I was still thinking about the brunette. I let out another grunt, striding to the kitchen, figuring I’d make myself something to eat, or maybe my housekeeper had left something appetizing in the fridge.

But that’s when my feet skidded to a halt. Because she was here. Holy shit, my dream girl was standing in a sexy red dress, right here in my kitchen, in the middle of Manhattan, brown curls flowing over her shoulders. What the fuck? Was this some kind of mirage? Was my mind playing tricks?

But the brunette hadn’t noticed me yet, she was scrolling through her phone intently, so I let out a low cough.

“Hello,” I rumbled, blue eyes intent.

And the girl spun immediately, eyes wide. Her mouth opened, a perfect peachy “O,” and then closed without a word, brown eyes flashing with shock and then recognition.

“Oh,” she said faintly. “Hello.” Her plush lips snapped shut for a moment, big boobs heaving up and down. Shit, that dress was nothing more than a handkerchief, if she wasn’t careful, one of those tits was going to pop right out of the low neckline. But what the fuck? What the hell was wrong with me? I had no business thinking about my son’s friend like that, like a hungry lion ready to devour its prey. So I smiled, trying to look casual.

“So we meet again,” I rumbled, placing one hand on the kitchen counter. “You’re Jonah’s friend, aren’t you?” I asked casually.

And the nodded, eyes wide.

“Yeah, I- I’m his girlfriend actually,” she stuttered. “I’m Ally, visiting for Thanksgiving break.”

And suddenly everything made sense, the connections lighting up in my head. My son had mentioned he was bringing a friend home for break, a female friend at that, and I’d thought nothing of it. Hell, if Jonah had a girlfriend then all the better, it’d help him man up and use that Y chromosome. And shit, there were always strays around for Thanksgiving and I wasn’t completely heartless, some kids couldn’t afford to fly home for the holidays.

But fuck my life. I’d never expected our guest to be the beautiful brunette. I never expected to see her right here, in my kitchen, looking sassy and delectable in a tiny dress, curves on display. And despite my desperate efforts, my body hardened, cock stiffening. Thank god I was still wearing loose track pants from the gym so she couldn’t see.

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