Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad

By: Cassandra Dee

“I’m Rob Martin,” I said smoothly. “Ally, is it? I helped you move in a couple months ago, if I remember correctly.”

And she bit her lip, drawing attention to that lush pout.

“Yeah, I never got to thank you,” she said softly. “So thank you.”

Shit, but my dick popped out even harder at that sweet smile. Because she was temptation come to life, I wanted a part of her so badly, every part of her in fact, and I wasn’t used to holding back, I came, I saw, I conquered.

But this is your son’s girlfriend, I growled internally. Back the fuck off, she’s not yours. You’re trying to get in good with Jonah, and this isn’t the right way to go about it, the thoughts you’re having could land you in jail, motherfucker.

So I forced myself only to look at that angelic face, surrounded by a wild mass of brown curls, stopping my eyes from going lower, from visually caressing her delectable body. Eyes up, eyes up, I commanded myself. Stay with it.

And with a casual grin, I turned back to her.

“You enjoying your time at Hudson?” I asked in a smooth rumble.

She flushed, biting her lip before nodding.

“Yeah, college is great,” she said. “It’s such an amazing opportunity coming from the Midwest and all, and thank you for having me these couple days. When Jonah invited me, I never expected ….”

Her voice trailed off. Never expected to see me again? That was unlikely, she knew I was his dad. Maybe she’d wanted to see me again? No way, I’d never put it up to a female as innocent and demure as Ally. But I didn’t want to get into awkward conversations just now, so I smiled casually at her again.

“So how long do you guys have off before classes start?” There, that was a safe topic.

“Oh until the end of the week,” she said quickly. “Dorms re-open on Sunday for classes on Monday, so thank you again for hosting me, otherwise I would have had to look for other accommodations.”

And I nodded. Right, dorms weren’t open every day of the year, I’d forgotten that. Hmm, so that meant the little girl would be staying at my place for five days at least, it was only Wednesday now.

And she nodded.

“Yeah, Jonah and I will be able to go back Sunday, we’ll be out of your hair then. Thanks so much, Mr. Martin,” she repeated. “I really appreciate it.”

But it was the least I could do because the thought of this ripe female under my roof for five days made my heart race and my pulse hammer. Fuck, this little lady would be sleeping in my apartment for the next four nights, those soft, creamy limbs relaxing in my bed, taking showers in my space? Chill the fuck out, I reminded myself again. She’s not in your bed, not in your shower either. She’s got her own space, you’ve got plenty of extra rooms.

But the thing is, I desperately wanted her in my en suite. I wanted her in my personal space, I wanted to sample and take this ripe female, I wanted to feel that beautiful body nestled next to me, on me, under me, around me. I wanted to take her again and again, make her scream out with ecstasy, cry out my name as she shuddered with pleasure. But the little voice in my head rang out again. She’s Jonah’s girlfriend! it screamed. Get a hold of yourself, you’re so fucking dirty.

So I took another steadying breath and smiled once more at the brunette casually, like my thoughts had been totally kosher and not in the gutter.

“Sure, you’re welcome,” I rumbled. “Pleasure to have you. My housekeeper’s setting up Thanksgiving lunch for tomorrow, but looks like you and Jonah are going out tonight?” I asked casually, indicating her party dress.

And Alison nodded, flushing, biting her lip.

“Yeah, Jonah’s friend invited us to a house party nearby, kind of a pre-Thanksgiving shindig, so we thought we’d drop by. Should be fun,” she said with a shy smile. “I’m sure it will be wonderful.”

And I frowned a little. Jonah didn’t have many friends from high school, who the fuck could it be? Seeing the question on my face, Ally filled me in.

“I think it’s Jonah’s friend, Sarah?” she asked tentatively. “I’ve never met her, but she sounds really nice.”

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