Flame (Firefighters of Montana Book 5)

By: Victoria Purman

Cady moved, slid on top of Dex, pressed herself against his lovely naked body. She propped her chin in her hands on his chest and studied his face. “I think you had something to do with the success of Cady’s Cakes, you know.”

“Me?” He slipped his warm hands over her butt. “I’ve never even bought a cupcake. How can I be responsible?”

Cady laughed. “The first morning I was at the culinary institute in San Francisco, I woke up in my dorm room and saw something scrawled on the back of my hand. It was two words—Cady’s Cakes. It was in permanent marker so it took days of scrubbing and industrial strength cleaning products to get it off. It must have been something you said that night. I only wish I could remember what it was. But anyway, the name stuck. From the day I started studying, I already had the name of my shop in my head. Like a dream waiting to come true.”

Cady had never seen Dex smile quite so wide or proud.

“You always were the dreamer, Cady,” he murmured. “And maybe you’ve helped this drifter believe in dreams, too.”

They kissed. Held each other. The future was theirs to reach out and take, to imagine, to create for themselves.


The End

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