Heaven Sent

By: Avelyn Paige

She leaves me to unpack the meager bag I brought with me. I put the few outfits I stuffed into my makeshift luggage into the small dresser and put the picture of my parents next to the bedside lamp. Sitting down on the bed, the mattress creaks from my weight. My eyes turn to the photo, which sends all the emotions and painful memories I’ve tried to stow away on my journey here flooding back to me. I need to stay strong for them and try to make the best of the time I have here since I know that they’d want me to try and be happy. I may have to work my ass off to secure what my parent’s dreamed for me, but I will have it for as long as I can hold it. The past that lies hidden in Cleveland will always linger and threaten to take away my freedom, but I can’t think about that. I survived its horrors and escaped as soon as I could, and no one will take away my choices again because I’d rather be dead than go back to that life. I only hope it doesn’t come down to that.

Today started off just like any normal damn day. Woke up hungover as shit, fucked the club mama who warmed my bed last night until she was sore, and went to Church, but as soon as I walked into our meeting room, I knew today was going to be fucked all to hell.

“Nice of you to join us, Hero,” says the president of our club, Raze. The smirk on his face tells me he knows what I was doing. Most of the guys in this room probably got their dick wet this morning, so the fact he’s calling me out is bullshit. Shrugging my shoulders in return with a shit-eating grin on my face, I can’t help myself from not dishing it back.

“Sorry, Prez. Just had to get my daily dose of vitamin T & A for breakfast. I’m a growing boy, you know,” I say with a laugh while taking my seat next to him. Raze just shakes his head at me while the other men surrounding our table all laugh. Tyson, our club treasurer, nods in agreement and leans close to me.

“Was the pussy worth being late?” he asks in whispered tones. The night’s activities might have been hazy, but the pretty little pussy I pounded into for over an hour this morning satisfied my cock.

“Isn’t good pussy always worth it, Ty?”

“Fuck yes, brother, you never pass up a chance for that grade-A choice pussy you picked up last night. Wish there was more of it around here,” he states with a laugh as Raze clears his throat.

“Now that Hero’s gotten his rocks off and his ass in his seat, we can finally start Church,” says Raze. The meeting moves on as normal as we discuss our upcoming charity runs to raise money for a local kid with cancer. Timmy is on the road to recovery, but his medical bills nearly bankrupted his folks. The Heaven’s Rejects MC may be filled with tattooed, meat-head bikers that would make even a devout nun rip her panties off and offer herself to one of us, but we take care of our friends and neighbors. We take care of those who take care of us, and Timmy’s dad took care of some warrants we needed scrubbed off the books for one of our newer brother’s. Sure, Upland, CA is typically a pretty quiet suburb, but it has its moments like any town. Before the club was established in 1986 by Raze’s dad and our former Vice President, Jagger, thugs hiding from the authorities called Upland home. Those bastards were the first to go as the club cleaned up the town. We have enough shit to deal with our own version of outlaws. At least our guys knew to keep their illegal shit behind closed doors back then.

The Heaven’s Rejects MC is known for our protection services. We make our money with the guns attached to our shoulders instead of the guns at our hips... Our phone rings off the hook with business proposals from concerned rich daddies worried about their perfect little whore daughters going out for a night on the town to the occasional politician needing some muscle for a back alley campaign money deal. You can say we cater to all walks of life as long as the money is good,.. We do the dirty work that no one else will handle We don’t carry the 1%ers patch marking us as an outlaw club, but we don’t exactly follow all the rules of decent civilian society either. You could say we toe the line of being civilized.

Sure, the club dabbled in dealing for a while, but California legalizing weed medically killed our business overnight. You may need to have a medical reason to get it, but every Dick or Jane with a dirty doctor or a pain problem could get it now so it’s not exactly hard to come by anymore. Cocaine and running guns were offered to us after the weed business tanked, but the club decided unless we trafficked it ourselves, we didn’t want to deal with fucking cartel bullshit. The club might have jumped at the chance in the rougher days of the club, but we’re as legit as we can be now. Heaven’s Rejects has seen just about as much blood and chaos as I did serving overseas in the military in its early years, but shit is finally starting to settle down to a low boiling chaos. We work hard to keep our noses clean as possible, but every once in a great while, the law will be breathing down our necks for some fucking stupid thing one of the prospects pulled.

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