Heaven Sent

By: Avelyn Paige

Just like I will once I find who I am looking for. My coping methods may not be what you would consider to be traditional, but it fucking works for me. I need to cut the edge off of the news of the shit storm our rival club, Twisted Tribe, sent our way. They dumped his bloody body right on our doorstep unnoticed and that’s the kind of of shit that shouldn’t happen if we were the kind of club we are known to be. I thank fuck that it wasn’t a family party night... The old ladies and kids didn’t need to see that kind of shit, it would scar the kids for life. Being VP of this club is far from an easy job, but it does have its perks. There are days it’s so good to fucking be me. Is today one of them? Fuck no, but all I need in this life is the club, my brothers, and the hot piece of club mama ass that’s about to suck my cock.

A pair of warm lips will help free my mind of what I just saw. I see Ruby, one of the club mamas lounging on the couch with a couple of the other girls. Grabbing her by the wrist, I drag her back to my room in the clubhouse. Shoving her to her knees as soon as the door closes, I unzip my jeans and force my cock into her pretty painted mouth. My mind needs a distraction and Ruby is just what the doctor ordered with her perfect lips and beautiful bouncing tits. Grabbing onto the back of her head to increase the force of my thrusts, Ruby moans at my touch as the top of her tits brush against my balls. Her tongue swirls around the tip of my cock as I pound into her waiting mouth.

As I continue to thrust, her eyes lock onto mine. I don’t know why that shit turns me on, but a woman watching me while I fuck her mouth is just about one of the hottest things on the planet to me. Her green eyes continue to watch me as I increase my speed. She moves one of her hands from my hip and grasps my balls. Rolling them between her fingers, she starts the firing sequence as she lightly grazes her teeth against the head of my dick, sending cum shooting down her throat. A smile grows across her face when I pull my softening cock from her mouth with my cum sticking to her swollen lips.

I’d planned on coming on those tits of hers, but I was gone as soon as she used her teeth on me. Ruby knows what I like; she’s the only club mama who has warms my bed regularly, and it will likely stay that way. She knows and understands that I have no intention of settling down with a nagging old lady and brat kids, so I live by the philosophy of love ’em once, and leave ’em forever. Ruby isn’t looking to settle down, either, so she’s the only one I’ve allowed to stick around after the first fuck. Well, that reason and that heavenly mouth of hers. I’m not sure where she learned how to suck a cock, but I want to shake the hand of the person who taught her.

I shove my dick back into my pants as Ruby gets off of her knees and straightens her short skirt back into its normal position. Sliding past me, she walks into my bathroom and turns on the faucet. . While she cleans up, I walk over to my bed and plop down when Ruby walks back into the room... Ruby may be a club mama to everyone else, but to me she’s more like a friend with benefits. I can fuck her anytime I want, but she knows me better than anyone else. “Who was it out in the shed?” she asks, keeping her eyes on the ground. Her question shocks me.

“How in the fuck did you know someone was out in the shed?”

“I could tell from the way Slider looked at Ratchet when he came to get him that something was wrong. Plus, I was watching out the back window after they left the clubhouse again.”

Her admission rattles me knowing that she’s openly admitting to defying the rules for her position in the club. Club mamas are nothing but “at-will” pussy for the men and are supposed to stay out of club business just like the old ladies. She can’t even look at me when she’s telling me about sticking her damn nose where it doesn’t belong so she knows she’s in trouble.

“Ruby, you know you need to stay out of club business. Had you said that to any other patched member, your ass would have been out on the street or dead. These guys like their wives submissive and their whores quiet. You know I’m not entirely like that, but I won’t fucking break club rules to protect you just because we’re good in bed together.”

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