Heaven Sent

By: Avelyn Paige

She still refuses to look at me, which shows me that she has to realize she fucked up admitting that kind of shit to me. Ruby knows I won’t punish her, but she needs to understand how serious I really am. I pull her chin back up to my eyes and make her look at me. “Ruby, I want to take care of you the best I can, but you can’t keep digging into the club’s business. One of these days the wrong brother is going to catch you, and I won’t be able to save your ass. “She nods her head in agreement heading to the door.

Before she walks out, I know I need to tell her about Jagger. I just don’t know how to tell her. She seemed to like him more than most of the other brothers. Just before she reaches the door, I stand up and push my hand against the wood to stop her from opening the door.

“Ruby, it was Jagger out in the shed. Raze is getting him cleaned up before he tells Darcy. Do not say a word until Raze announces it to the club.” She turns to me and nods in agreement before shoving my hand out of the way and walking out of my bedroom door.

Closing the door behind her, I lock it and return to my bed. Stretching out on top of the blankets, I think back to my memories of Jagger. He was my sponsor when I was a prospect. He turned me into the man behind the VP patch that’s on my cut today. He managed to tame the wild beast that I was when I walked into this clubhouse like I owned the place at twenty-two years old. I had no idea what the life of a member of a motorcycle club meant, but I was lost after leaving the Army. An MC seemed like the right place for me and after Jagger had educated me, I knew I was right.

Seven years later, I moved through the ranks and became VP, succeeding Jagger when his health started to decline and he needed to step away from his leadership duties. Raze wasn’t happy he was stepping down, but he understood his need to live the rest of the years he had with less stress. I always thought it would be his heart to take him, but never did I ever fucking think it would be a knife from a Twisted Tribe member who snuffed out his life. The thought of Jagger’s last fucking memory being that fucker’s face sends rage rocketing through me. I’ve got to keep my anger in check over the next few days because Jagger wouldn’t want me or any of the guys to ruin his funeral for Darcy and the boys. Once we’ve laid him to rest, I can’t guarantee that I won’t set the Twisted Tribe’s world on fire in plain sight. These fuckers need to pay, and I’ll be the one to send them all back to hell. I may be a Heaven’s Reject, but they’ll be the devil’s whores by the time I’m finished with them. I just need to make it through the next couple of days, and revenge will be mine.

Two weeks after moving in with Ricca, we’re finally starting to settle into living together. I knew that living with a complete stranger would be difficult, but her bubbly personality helped me settle into our new domestic life easily. She and I spent much of the first week I lived here running around to local thrift shops. I needed clothes badly, and Goodwill was all I could afford. Ironically enough, I managed to bulk up my wardrobe with just fifty dollars; you don’t get nice quality clothes like that at a thrift store in Ohio.

The longer we live together, the more I learn about her. The biggest thing that surprised me was how old she is. I’d assumed she was a lot younger than me, but I was shocked to find out she’s actually thirty years old—five years my senior. She doesn’t look a day over twenty-two, but who knows if that could be because of good genes or a good doctor. One major thing I have noticed is that she is a bit of a slob. Most days I end up spending a few hours cleaning up the place after she wakes up at the crack of noon. Ricca works six nights a week at a local bar, so I get evenings to myself watching television.

The only bad part about being her roommate is that she comes home nearly every night drunk as shit and passes out wherever she lands in the house. I have no clue how she can live like that night after night, but every single morning she wakes up perky and ready to take on the day. The few times I’ve drank in my life I was so sick that I vowed off drinking for months. I sure as shit never woke up blissfully happy after an appearance by Jack Daniels; that bastard ruins everything. I’m grateful that Ricca at least has a steady boyfriend so I don’t have to deal with the walk of shame from some random guy she picked up at work the night before. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Enrico yet, but she thinks I’ll like him. Yeah, we’ll see about that.

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