Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

I sighed, relieved. She wasn’t even awake and I was protective.

“Then why does she not awaken?”

“I have not met someone who has transported such a distance, only those across the planet. Therefore, based on her test results, I assume the trip was just taxing. Earth is many light years away.”

She did have a valid point. My mate was quite small and making the journey would be tiring. I was just anxious for her to be awake so I knew she truly was healthy after what she endured. Besides, I wanted to know her eye color.

“You will need to perform the remainder of the standard mating tests yourself, specifically the neurostim exam,” the doctor added.

My cock hardened against my mate’s side at the thought.

The doctor stood and picked up her bag, pulling out the neurostim tool, showing it to me, then placing it on the nearby table. “You will wish to ensure she is safe to breed and responsive to sexual stimuli.”

“She is my mate. I am confident that she will be responsive, for I am eager for her.” I took a moment to study the doctor. “You were mated, Doctor?”

I used the past tense, for I sensed that was no longer the case. She was one of my people and I could read them well. It was my job to do so. As I was used to being alone, I’d had to learn that skill at an early age.

The doctor met my eyes. “Yes. It was a good match, but he was killed by the Hive. I understand your instant possessiveness and appreciate your… conscientiousness toward her. I remember first meeting him to be a little scary and my mate was only from the northern continent. For her—” she tilted her head toward my mate, “—as you told your parents, it will be twice as difficult.”

I offered the doctor a small smile. “Then it is good that I am twice as obsessed, twice as possessive.”

“Yes, it is, although I am sure she will not be well versed in our ways. She may resist you.”

“Then she will learn.” The unforgiving councilor roared to life within me before I could temper him. But the doctor only chuckled.

“We shall see. She will awaken soon. Just be patient until then.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

She bowed and left.

I was alone with my mate, and the medical device I knew would bring her much pleasure. Parting the robe again, I looked my fill, shifting her so that I could stroke my knuckles over her soft, warm skin. The touch was not sexual and she was not completely bare to me, although my cock did rise at the feel of her, all too eager to caress, to touch, to explore my mate’s body. I was in awe of this female. She was mine. Every inch of her was perfect. Just for me.

While I knew my parents loved me, they were overly attentive. I’d been born with a father as councilor and grew up familiar with leadership and the civic-minded responsibility expected of me. I never considered another role other than taking over from my father at his retirement. This one-mindedness and strong parental support allowed for me to climb through the ranks in the government. My drive had been singular and I became the planet’s youngest councilor. Needless to say, my parents had been thrilled and did everything in their power to keep the leadership of our part of the planet under our family’s strong supervision. But the role of councilor was… well, lonely. I had yet to find a Trion mate and my parents had become concerned. That was why I now held an Earth female in my lap. All reservations melted away from the heat of her in my arms.

She stirred, moaned, blinked once, then again. Her blue—blue!—eyes met mine, but she didn’t truly see me. Not until her body stiffened and she sat up, almost hitting my chin with her forehead.

“Easy, gara.”

“Who… who are you?” Her voice was soft and tentative. Delicate.

“I am Roark, your mate.”

“Roark.” Her eyes widened and I forgot to blink when she focused them on me. Such a color I had never seen before. Blue, as pale blue as frozen ice in a glacier, and clear as a cloudless sky. The people of Trion were darker by nature, dark of hair and eye. Her exotic beauty, pale blue eyes and golden hair, would make her much coveted by all who saw her. While she attempted to relax, I could sense her nervousness.

“It worked,” she commented.

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