Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

“Please.” I clenched my eyes closed, every muscle in my body taut, ready to come like I’d never before in my life.

I just needed a… little… bit… more. I needed him, hard and rough, pulling my hair and rutting into me like he’d never stop. A wildness rose inside me I did not recognize. A desperate, broken cry rose from my throat, the animalistic groan a sound I did not recognize.

“What do you want, gara?” He filled me with two fingers and I bit my lip to keep myself from ordering him to fuck me harder. Faster. Deeper. If I tried to hurry his pace, he would leave me dripping and empty until I begged. Cried. Gave him everything.

“You. Please.”

His hand retreated and I was empty once again. Wind roared through the top of the tent-like structure and I smelled dry air and leather, almond oil and sand. And my mate. His scent was wild and musky, his unique flavor on my tongue, as if I’d recently had his hard length in my mouth.

God, the thought made me burn. I wanted him. All of him. Everywhere.

I shook my head and sobbed, my hair a silky waterfall that shifted as it hung down over my face. I needed. There was no other word adequate to describe the state of my body. I needed.

Somewhere deep within, I knew this had been going on for quite some time. He’d teased me, tormented me with pleasure. But I was beyond the breaking point, cracking open and ready to beg, plead, cry… anything, if he’d just give me his hard…

“Is this what you want?” he said and I felt the hot, round head of his cock align with my entrance.

“Yes.” The word exploded from me.

“Do you accept my claim, gara? Do you accept my protection and my devotion?”

What the hell was I supposed to say to that? There was only one word running like a chant through my mind, and this body I was in was only too eager to scream it.


Footsteps. I heard footsteps coming from my right side. I turned my head to see a second pair of boots. Not my mate’s. Someone else was here…

“For the official records, have you ever been married, matched, or mated to another man?”

His question slowed my thoughts, cooled my ardor slightly. What, exactly, was going on here? “No.”

“Do you have any biological offspring?”

Biological…? “No.”

I tensed and tried to pull out of his hands as the booted stranger stepped closer. I could not see his face, but I knew he was here. Knew he could hear my pleas, my pleasure. And, from where he stood, could most likely see my open pussy.

I dropped my forehead to the table with a groan. God, why did that thought turn me on? Had I suddenly become some kind of freak? A pervert?

Before I could dwell on that thought, a gentle hand tangled in my hair at the base of my skull and tugged gently, lifting my head from the table. My back arched and my ass lifted toward his hard cock.

“Good. I claim you as my mate.” He thrust forward, filling me in one slow, steady stroke.

The stranger behind me spoke, his voice rough and deep, but easily distinguished from my mate’s. “I’ll note the official records and alert the council.”

“Leave us,” my mate ordered, holding himself still deep inside me.

“But, you have not seeded her. Standard protocol dictates I witness—”

“Get out before I cut your cock from your body and shove it down your throat.”

I shivered at my mate’s rough order. The boots hurried away and I felt a grin spread across my face. My mate was strong. Fierce. Feared. He would not share me.

God, that fucking made me hot.

Riding the edge once more, I wiggled my hips, relieved when he pulled out, then pushed deep. Hard. His hand in my hair pulled my whole body back onto his thick cock. In. Out. Hard. Fast. Rough. Just the way I wanted it. The wet, carnal sounds of fucking filled the tent.

My mate released my hair and bent low, kissing me on the shoulder. His voice was ragged, his breath uneven as he spoke.

“And now, mate, you will know what it means to be mine.”

He moved his hand to where I could see a ring on his little finger. My pussy clenched in anticipation. I wondered why for half a second and he pressed the ring’s insignia with his thumb.

Vibration exploded in both my nipples and my clit followed with a small shock, like a zinger of electric current.

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