Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

Wow. I wanted a baby. That was a new one. Had they given me something during testing to wake up my ovaries?


I blinked up at Warden Egara. “Yes.”

“I know it’s difficult, but try to stay with me. We’re almost done. Do you accept the results of the matching protocol?”

“Yes.” Oh, hell yes, gara accepted. I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Elation washed through me, hot and heady. I felt… happy. For once, I had something to be excited about, and I’d done it by myself, for myself. “Sorry, I’m kind of excited.”

The warden patted me on the shoulder and walked to the opposite side of the room, her form-fitting gray uniform reminded me of that sexy, alien character, Seven of Nine on Star Trek. Curtis had always pointed out how sexy that stupid, blonde actress looked in her sparkly, super-tight, silver spacesuit. She was a cyborg on the television show. How was a machine woman sexy? I didn’t get it, but Curtis drooled every time she came on the television screen, even if I was sitting right next to him on the couch.

Well, I had the last laugh. Curtis was stuck here, on Earth, paying his escorts to suck his dick and living inside that bank eighty hours a week like a robot. I was the one going off on a sexy adventure in space.

God, I hoped my Trion mate was hot. Smoking hot. Drench-my-panties hot, just like the dream.

A bright blue light appeared in the wall to my left and the chair lurched sideways.

Startled, I looked up to see Warden Egara smiling at me. “Try to relax. All planets have specifications for their mates. All modifications for Trion will be made as part of your processing. When you wake up, you’ll be on Trion. You will no longer be a citizen of Earth. Your new mate will be waiting.”

I leaned back, ready for whatever insanity was about to happen. Actually, I was simply trying not to throw up.

I was leaving home. Forever. I’d read the handbook. I knew what I was getting into and knew I couldn’t come back. But thinking and doing were two separate things.

When the giant needle thing came at me, I flinched. When it stabbed me just behind my ear, near the temple, I tried to ignore the pain as the warden explained they were implanting neural processors to help me learn the Trion language.


The chair lowered me into a warm, blue bath and a feeling of calm settled over me. I figured they were drugging me and I didn’t care. At least I wasn’t about to lose my cookies all over this glamorous hospital gown.

“Your processing will begin in three… two… one.” Warden Egara gave a little wave as the wall slid closed behind me.

And then…nothing.

Chapter Two

Councilor Roark, Outpost Two, Southern Continent, Planet Trion


I turned at the voice and looked between the two tents waiting for the owner of that deep voice to appear. The two suns made for a hot, bright day and I did not have proper cover to linger outside. The young man who ran toward me in the sand was newly assigned to my personal guard detail. He was my cousin’s son, eager and loyal, even if he was barely over twenty summers. “What is it, Byran?”

True, he was young, but his body shook with a mixture of eagerness and excitement “She’s here!”

When I frowned, he continued, “Your female. The alien from Earth.”

My back went straight and the breath left my body as if I’d been punched in the stomach. “My mate is here?” I asked. “The transport was to occur when the first sun set.” I scanned the sky in less than a second. “I did not expect her for half a day.”

While he stood at attention before me, as was appropriate considering my rank, he shrugged. “I do not know the details, Councilor, but she is here. I saw her.” A look something akin to longing crossed over his face.

“Is she beautiful?” I shouldn’t ask him. For what could he say? No, sir, she’s hideous? Of course not. Even if it were truth.

“She’s incredible, Councilor. I’ve never seen a woman who looks like her.”

I walked with haste to the small transport station, which was as temporary and rustic as the entire outpost. Here for only a few days to meet with tribal leaders in the area, I’d been shocked when the Interstellar Brides Program notified me of my mate’s pending arrival. Even my parents had rushed from their comfortable and lavish home in the capital city of Xalia to meet her, the future of our family, the woman who would bear my children.

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