Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

Pushing back the flap of the tent, I ducked to fit through the entry and took in the small group of men. Standing in a semicircle, they looked down at the ground at something, which I assumed was my mate.

It had been more than a month since I’d submitted to the Interstellar Brides Program’s matching protocols. I did not remember much of the test itself. I’d fallen asleep and woken with my heart racing, a raging cock and a feeling of complete satisfaction. I had no idea what type of female I would be assigned, nor did I care. I simply wanted her to arrive. Ruling was a lonely job, and as much as I admired and respected my parents, they were cold comfort when I lay in bed at night. Alone.

Yes, there were Trion females aplenty more than eager to ride my cock, but they all wanted something in return. Wealth. Status. Power.

But the female who had just arrived would want nothing more than my dominant hand on her body and my cock buried deep…

Clearing my throat, the men turned and bowed. Transport centers on Trion were, by necessity, mobile, their location kept secret. The rebellious faction of Drovers on the southern continent were aggressive and determined. The Drovers wanted Trion to abandon our oath to the Interstellar Coalition, to send no more soldiers, no more brides. The Drovers believed our technology and stubborn tribal blood would be enough to protect us from the Hive scourge.

They were wrong. I’d seen what was out there, in space. I’d been on the front lines of the war. I’d served four years, as was required from all Trion volunteers. And I knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Drover factions were wrong.

The Hive would conquer us in a matter of weeks without the protection of the Interstellar Fleet.

Still, some refused to believe the truth. Because of this, the Transport Outposts were moved often, their location kept secret from all but a few. As a result, I came to be in the middle of the desert at Outpost Two, the nearest transport station available out here in the wilds of the southern continent. I was content in the capital, surrounded by loyal guards and advisors, away from the complications and maneuverings a visit to the outposts always brought about. At home, I could be with my people, lead and rule them effectively. Here, I was constantly on guard, every word from my mouth had the potential to start a skirmish between tribes, a battle over resources, water or women. One hint of weakness was all it would take to destabilize the region.

I was never weak.

Here, councilors from all over Trion would meet, those meetings often dragging out for days of rituals, ass-kissing and bargaining.

I had come to Outpost Two for such a meeting, but as soon as I knew my mate would arrive, I’d done what I could to keep a low profile, waiting for my mate. Waiting, and imagining what she might look like. How hot her pussy would feel wrapped around my cock. I could almost hear the soft cries of her pleasure as I took her from behind on the claiming bench, over and over again.

Three days of waiting.

Now, the wait was over. She was here and I could make her mine and take her home. Finally.

I didn’t say anything, just crossed the space and the men parted, allowing me, at last, to see my mate.

My eyes widened at her sleeping form. Her naked sleeping form. Her body was ripe with curves, full, lush breasts led to a tapered waist. Her skin was pale, no doubt untouched by the harsh desert suns. Her hair shimmered softly in the light cast by a half dozen lamps surrounding the transport platform. None had dared touch her, but I studied her softness against the dark gray surface of the transport and worried that the journey had injured her. Why was she not awake?

I stepped closer, crouched down in front of her and studied her delicate features. Her lips were pink and full. Her face tapered to a slightly pointed chin that I ached to kiss. Her golden hair looked as if it had been woven with strips of pure gold from Trion’s many mines.

She was stunning and I struggled with thought as my body reacted to her beauty. No wonder Byran had lust in his eyes.

No doubt, they all did. The men surrounding me. Suddenly, I became all too aware of their continued presence.


Looking about, I yanked a long robe from one of the men’s arms and draped it over my mate, ensuring her gorgeous body was completely covered. Only her head and neck were exposed. Turning my head, I looked up at the men, who now looked abashed and nervous.

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