Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

With a wicked grin he released the chain and lifted his body to stand behind me. The change in position gave him just a bit more length to push inside me and I whimpered as he pressed forward, driving deep. “Now, gara, who am I?”


“What do you want from your master?”

“I want to come.”

“Beg.” He pulled out and thrust deep.


The word became a chant as he fucked me. Hard and fast, the stimspheres shocked my system every time he pushed forward, driving into my wet core, making me frantic. The world faded to the thrust of his hips, the sound of wet fucking, the jolt of sensation from the stimspheres in my ass, the loud, wet sound of my pussy grabbing and milking his cock like a greedy fist.

He rode me hard, my body tied down. I could do nothing but accept every thrust, every stroke, every ounce of his power and need as he fucked me, filled me, made me beg.

My orgasm rose like a powerful wave boiling up from somewhere deep inside me I’d never allowed to break free. I shattered, breaking into a million pieces of pleasure as my pussy clenched and pulsed, my body arched and every nerve I had fired both pleasure and pain through my system.

Roark came, filling me with his seed, the jerking of his cock setting me off again.

When it was over, I collapsed, not even trying to assist him as he released me from the restraints and carried me to his bed. He settled me beside him, tucking us both under the warm cover.

“Gara, never talk about leaving me again.”

Nestled safely in his arms, I didn’t have the strength left for fear. “The chain stays, Roark. You’re mine.”

He chuckled softly as he rolled me onto my back and settled his body between the cradle of my hips. He was hard and ready, and when he shifted his body, entering me in one slow, steady push, I opened my legs wider, welcoming him. “All right, gara. If you insist. You are mine. Removing the adornment will not change that, nor will it lessen the risk from those who want to hurt me.”

“I insist.” I lifted my arms, wrapping them around his head to pull him down for a proper kiss.

He kissed me, long and unhurried as his cock fucked me with a slow, languorous rhythm that made my heart throb almost as much as my aching pussy did. “You are my heart, mate. If they hurt you, they hurt me.”

“Then don’t let them hurt me.”

He growled, thrusting deep. “Never again.”

I kissed him, kissed away the pain and fear of the past, for both of us. “I want a little girl.” Shifting my hips, I rocked into him. “I want forever.”

“Forever won’t be long enough.”

I smiled as he fucked me, arched off the bed when the orgasm claimed me, when he used the stimspheres to make me come again and again. I whimpered as he filled me with his seed, greedy for more, for a daughter to love. This was my future, my home.

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