Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

“That is my mate you have been ogling,” I said, my voice sharp and cold. “Since you were looking at her naked body, I assume you saw the disks that indicated she has a master?”

Everyone’s eyes lowered to the ground.

“Not one of you thought to cover her? Not one of you thought of her modesty, that she is mine? That her body is solely for my pleasure, not yours?”

My voice raised with each word and the last question was shouted. Everyone in camp must have heard me.

I stood to my full height and crossed my arms over my chest.


The young man stepped forward, shoulders back, chin up. “Yes, Councilor?”

“Find the doctor and bring her here. Immediately.”

“And your parents?”

Fark. I’d forgotten them in the surprise. They’d journeyed to the outpost to meet my mate. Eager for me to continue the line of Trion leaders with the next generation, they’d pressured me to take a bride, a political match. As the dutiful son, I’d allowed them to parade women before me for months. My position as councilor ensured I could have chosen almost any bride from the capital, but I found I did not enjoy their calculating looks or false humility. They were women born to powerful families, pampered and protected. Arrogant and entitled. When my mother insisted I choose one of them, I’d refused, and my father, for once, had taken my side against his mate. He understood my desire for a woman all my own. He wanted for me what he had enjoyed these last years, a true mate, one perfectly matched to me, as my mother had been to him. And so, I’d attempted to please my parents, my agreeing to take a mate, but one of my own choosing. One matched to me. A perfect match.

I looked to Byran, who waited patiently, his hands clasped in front of his waist.

“Yes, alert them of her arrival.” As much as I wanted to meet my bride alone, I knew that was not possible. Not here, at Outpost Two. We’d be swarmed with curious eyes, my mother’s at the front of the line.

Byran knew nothing of my inner turmoil. I kept my face carefully blank as he bowed and dashed off.

“As for the rest of you…. out!” I yelled.

The remaining onlookers scurried through the opening in the tent and while I heard them murmuring as they fled, I didn’t listen, for my attention was on my mate before me.

She was asleep. She wasn’t dead, since I could see the slight rise and fall of the robe. I would not leave her on the hard transport deck, so I scooped her up into my arms and carried her over to a chair. I felt no strain lifting her; Earth females seemed to be quite small. I remembered the High Councilor’s mate, Eva, who was also a wisp of a female in comparison to her master, Tark. Sitting down with her tucked against me on my lap, I sighed loudly, allowed my frustration and anger to seep from me now that I finally had her in my arms.

My mate was warm and soft and I leaned down to brush my face over her soft hair. Silky and the prettiest color. Breathing in her scent, I closed my eyes. This was my mate! Out of the entire universe, she was my perfect match. I was confident in her, even though she had yet to open her eyes. She was mine. I had my parents and one sister to whom I was dedicated, but having a mate call me master was something else entirely. I felt possessiveness swirl through my veins.

A female a decade older than my thirty summers came through the entry, then bowed. She wore the uniform of a Trion doctor and carried a small bag. Inside would be all that was needed to diagnose, treat and heal most illnesses, wounds and injuries. “Councilor, I heard your mate has been transported. Congratulations. Do you wish me to fully examine her for mating?”

“No. I wish for you to inform me of her general health, Doctor.” I shifted her so I could stroke my hand over her hair. I wanted to feel it beneath my palm, to touch her. “The mating tests, however, I will perform myself. I have found I am a little…protective where my mate is concerned.”

“Yes, I heard of your unhappiness with regards to the others.” I could hear her own displeasure in her tone. “Then you do not wish for this exam to be witnessed by someone other than myself, for the official records?”

“Fark, no.” The answer was instant and almost feral. Enough of the outpost had seen her naked already.

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