Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

“You are aware that it is standard protocol for you to claim her before an official witness, and for the event to be recorded for the brides program’s system monitors.”

I tightened my hold on my mate. The thought of one of those overeager asses watching me fill this small female with my seed did not appeal. No one would hear her cries of surrender, of pleasure, but me. “I am aware of the tradition. I simply choose not to honor it. I assure you, Doctor, that I will fuck my mate more than once. There will be ample opportunity for the brides program’s monitors to record the activity.”

I saw the corner of her mouth tip up, but she did not comment on the subject any further. I was the Councilor of the southern fucking continent. If anyone wanted to ensure my mate was well and truly mated, they could just look at her face tomorrow. It would have the glow of a well-fucked female. That was all these bastards at this outpost were going to get. They were a bunch of horny heathens and I would not allow them to satisfy their curiosity or hunger for female flesh with my mate.

“If I may look at her?”

“Yes, Doctor,” I replied, loosening my hold. While a female doctor was not the norm, I was pleased she was stationed to this outpost, for I could not tolerate having another male look at her, even with the most clinical of intents.

“Would you prefer to hold her as I scan her, or place her on the table?”

Her deference was appreciated and I would assist her in any way I could to strengthen her position among the medical elite back home. She was being supportive of me and my needs with regards to my mate. I could support her. “Do it here.”

She nodded, then knelt before me. Meeting my gaze for a moment, she found the edges of the robe and parted it. I’d had only the briefest glimpses of my mate before I covered her. She’d been on her side, her legs bent, but I hadn’t missed the curve of her hip, her pale skin, her full breasts, the thin gold chain that dangled between her nipples, anchored in the piercing on each pink tip. The processing center on Earth did an excellent job with the modifications required for Trion. With her in my lap, I could take my time and look my fill. Her breasts were a handful, the nipples a pale blush color. With the golden rings through them, the tips were tightly furled. I recognized my seal embossed on the gold medallions affixed to the chain. The sight pleased me greatly, my most primitive need to announce to the planet exactly who this female belonged to was assuaged. No one would question her identity or my claim. Her abdomen was slightly curved and she was bare above her pussy, although, with her legs together and bent, I could see nothing more.

I grew hard as I imagined what awaited me between those soft, supple thighs.

The doctor took a ReGen wand from her bag and slowly moved it across my mate’s body from head to feet and back again. The doctor’s eyes remained on the sensors and colored lights as she did so.

“Roark, we heard she has arrived.” My father’s voice filled the small area inside the tent and I lifted my gaze to find my parents entering without my leave. Until this moment, their arrogance had never bothered me. But now, I found a deep-seated rage boiling just below the surface at their intrusion.

“Yes, Father.”

The doctor must have seen the tightness in my jaw, for she quickly reached over and pulled the robe back over my mate’s body.

He stepped forward but I shook my head and my mother reached out to stop him with a small hand on his arm. “Congratulations, son.”

“My thanks, Mother.” I’d always been told I looked just like my father. Tall, broad shouldered, black hair, equally black eyes. His was threaded with streaks of silver. I had a close-cut beard, while he was clean-shaven. Still, look like him, I did. But it was my mother’s cunning, her cold-blooded and mercenary logic when it came to policy decisions, that I shared. She’d been my father’s constant, and loving, companion and most trusted advisor for many decades. He’d served as Councilor over the southern continent for twenty years before stepping aside in favor of me. As had happened for generations, I was immediately voted in as his replacement.

Refusing the role, the duty and heavy responsibilities that came with it, had never been an option. I’d been raised from birth to serve my people. I respected my role, and my family’s honor. Tradition. My sister’s mate served as second for the High Councilor of Trion. Our family was dedicated to service. I’d never wanted anything for myself. I’d never been allowed.

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