Her Mate's Secret Baby

By: Grace Goodwin

But the woman in my arms was mine, and I found, for the first time in my life, I resented my parents intrusion into what should have been something private and sacred. My mate. She knew nothing of Trion politics, of my family’s elite status on the planet, of our wealth and massive military power. The Interstellar Brides Program matching protocols had paired us as perfect for one another as a man and a woman.

I’d finally bed a woman I knew wanted me with no ulterior motives or political aspirations. She was mine. The thought made my cock hard and my heart ache. Pain radiated up from my chest to my throat as I looked down at my mate’s gentle face. Still, she slept. Her long, pale lashes rested in elegant perfection on her high cheekbones. Her nose was straight and smooth, her brows arched delicately above eyes I could not wait to see.

Were they golden? Dark brown? Or fair and strange, like her beautiful golden hair and skin?

My mother had entered first and stepped closer to peer down at her. “She is quite small. Why is she covered so?”

Chapter Three


I did not wish to disrespect my mother, but I had to share my plans for my mate as I intended to proceed. “She is covered, Mother, because I wish it.”

“But I wish to see her, to see the female who will give me grandchildren.”

My mother wore the simple garb of those from the southern continent, although the material of her dress was quite fine.

“You will have decades to see her, Mother. Just not naked.”

The doctor glanced up at me, then back down at the ground, knowing this conversation was not for her.

“Where are the others?” She looked around as if the men were hiding somewhere. “Someone must observe the mating.”

My back stiffened. “I assure you, Mother, it will not be you. Please leave so the doctor can continue her examination.”

My father placed a hand on her shoulder and she glanced to him, just as she always did.

“I understand your possessiveness, but I will not have anyone doubt the match, son. You know the other regions. They are much more traditional.”

There was no way either of my parents were going to watch me fuck my mate.

“She is not of Trion and does not know our ways. Mother, would you like to be transported to Earth, arrive naked, and submit to a mate you’d never met before? With witnesses?”

She pursed her lips but did not respond.

“It would be difficult for you to perform.”

I would have laughed at the ridiculous humor of my father’s words, for I would have no problem fucking my mate. Both my parents forgot that this wasn’t a Trion match, even though it had been their idea. This was a brides program testing match. The compatibility percentage on every aspect of a pairing was so high that even my parents’ decades-long union     couldn’t compare.


“Mother. I am Councilor of the southern continent, not your son in this moment. I need you to go with Father and leave me with my mate. Once I am done here, I am going to the oasis, to Mirana for the night. I will not mate her here.” I glanced at my mother. “The wait is over. You have seen her for yourself, so there is no reason to remain. Please take the transport back to Xalia. We will follow you tomorrow just as soon as I have completed the mating, then spend the week with you. I look forward to it.”

Both of my parents nodded, albeit reluctantly, and left the tent. They didn’t bow as was required, for while I’d just said I was to be treated as their ruler, they saw me as their son first.

“Continue, Doctor,” I said. I was relieved to know my parents were content with my mate’s arrival and even more so that they were gone. I didn’t need them about when I had a new mate.

She offered a nod as she parted the robe again and continued her test. Once finished, she returned the tool to her bag, then met my eyes.

“She is well. The High Councilor's mate was also from Earth and the sensors have been calibrated for humans and the stress of transporting such a distance. They indicate for a human her heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave function, and motor skills are all in working order. She has no detectable deficiencies and no diseases or illnesses were indicated on the scan.”

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