Her Millionaire Boss

By: Jennie Adams

How close were his grandfather and his PA? Before Nate could consider the question, Henry turned his gaze toward him.

The tired eyes searched his for a long time, then softened, the anger replaced by at least a tenuous acceptance. ‘You…can…run things…until I’m better.’

That was all Nate needed to hear. He ignored the hint of further expectation in his grandfather’s eyes. ‘I’ll make sure everything’s all right. Meanwhile, you get some rest.’

On those words, he unfolded his long legs from the chair and stood. Chrissy’s gaze followed his movements, tracked over his charcoal suit and matching shirt.

Not once since he had entered the room and sat by his grandfather had he managed to completely banish her from his consciousness. Now his body tightened in awareness of her.

A nurse glanced in at the door. ‘How are we doing?’

‘Henry’s making sense.’ A tiny dimple flirted with Chrissy’s right cheek. ‘He woke up and we had a talk. His speech was slow but lucid.’

‘Brilliant.’ The nurse’s smile was bright, winsome. It didn’t do a thing for Nate. ‘I’ll let his doctor know.’

‘Get well, Henry.’ Chrissy kissed his resting form, then stepped back.

Henry stirred slightly.

Nate squeezed the old man’s hand. ‘I’ll speak to your doctor about having you shifted out of here. The security’s not tight enough for my liking.’

Chrissy opened her mouth as though to question him. He gave a slight shake of his head, put his hand to the small of her back and eased her out the door.

‘Not here.’ He growled the words into her ear.

She shivered, and a reaction, warm and pleasurable, flowed through him.

A moment later, she stalked from the room. When they were far enough along the corridor that Henry couldn’t possibly hear them, she turned toward him, her eyes the liquid hue of mercury. ‘There’s absolutely no need for you to be here for more than a day or two. I can handle things, like I said.

‘And just where do you think you’re going to move my boss, anyway?’


‘HENRY will go into Acebrook Hospital. It’s a small private hospital outside the city.’ Nate spoke decisively from behind Chrissy.

She reached the end of the hospital corridor and opted for the flight of stairs instead of the lift. ‘Just like that, you have the whole thing organised? What makes you so sure Acebrook is the right place for Henry?’

What gives you the right to make the decisions for him? You’ve been away for six years without appearing to give a damn.

Her reaction wasn’t entirely rational. Nate seemed concerned with Henry’s best interests now. But this man made her want him on the one hand, while she disapproved of him thoroughly on the other.

Was it any wonder her feelings were divided about his care of Henry, too? ‘And if you had Acebrook in mind, why didn’t you mention it to Henry? Surely he deserved a say in his own care?’

‘My grandfather had exhausted himself.’ Assurance blazed on his face. ‘I saw no reason to burden him with something I could take care of myself.’

Grudgingly, she said, ‘I’ve heard of Acebrook.’

‘Then you’ll know it caters to a lot of celebrities. Their security measures go beyond the norm. Wife or not, Margaret won’t be allowed to upset him there.’

Henry could get better faster somewhere like that, and that was all that mattered in the end. ‘Margaret will demand to see him, no matter where he is.’

‘I’ll take care of that.’ Again, just simple fact. ‘A group of specialists will examine Henry to confirm his lucidity. Then my team of lawyers will inform Margaret’s that my grandfather has deputised me to operate the company in his absence. Margaret will realise she has no power to do anything other than wish her husband a speedy recovery.’

‘Henry only verbally said you could—’

‘Actually, the authority was arranged years ago. Just in case of an emergency.’ His words brushed, almost physically, across the back of her neck.


‘As for Margaret…’ His lip curled. ‘Provided her visits are in a controlled environment, she can go right ahead and play the loving wife.’

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