Her Millionaire Boss

By: Jennie Adams

Why did she want these things? This was Nate Barrett. She shouldn’t want these things from him. All he had done was kiss her forehead, and the side of her mouth. She shouldn’t have let him do that much. How could it leave her aching for more?

‘I’ve always admired black,’ she murmured. She wanted to run her hands over his midnight shirt, then wrap them around the strong column of his tanned, luscious-looking neck, bring his head down to hers, and…

It didn’t help that he watched her with all the focused interest of one very predatorial male.

‘You like black?’ He raised an eyebrow. A black eyebrow. ‘That’s not my final question, by the way.’

‘I meant I like the colour black. For clothing.’ Did she even own any black clothes? ‘I thought I might buy myself a, uh, a bowler hat. In, um, black.’

A bowler hat? In black. Oh, groan. ‘You know. For fancy dress and stuff.’

His mouth twitched. She saw it. A little twitcheroonie, right there at the left-hand corner. Despite herself, she liked that twitch.

She straightened, stepped back. Distanced herself as best as she physically could, and hoped her reactions would follow. ‘We’re wasting time. We should get to the office.’

‘We’re not finished, but I’ll get us a taxi—’

‘I have my car.’ Good manners insisted she offer to drive him. Henry would expect it.

She led the way across the parking bays to the elderly yellow bug, praying he would forget all about whatever question he’d had in mind.

‘Make yourself comfortable.’ With her seat belt clipped, she sat bolt upright in her seat. It was as relaxed as she was likely to get with this man in her vicinity. ‘It will take a couple of minutes for the engine to warm up enough for us to leave.’

She allowed the vehicle to idle, and looked anywhere other than at the man seated beside her. Awareness of his closeness, of the near-touching of their bodies, increased her nervousness. ‘At least we’ll get into the office nice and early. It’s important to keep things running well for Henry.’

‘Your commitment to my grandfather’s health,’ Nate drawled, ‘and to the smooth-running of Montbank Shipping, is…commendable.’

While she pondered the hint of doubt in what should have been a clear-cut compliment, Nate punched a number into his cellphone.

Moments later, he had arranged for his grandfather’s transfer to Acebrook private hospital. ‘Praiseworthy indeed, if somewhat questionable in intent.’

‘Yes,’ she mumbled, her attention distracted by his ability to plan and organise Henry’s transfer so seamlessly. This was clearly a man of action.

There’s no need to dwell on the appeal of that trait. Five minutes ago his attitude struck you as overbearing and annoying. Besides, he might not always use such power for good.

Suddenly her thoughts caught up with what he had said, not just with the tone of his voice and its mesmerising quality.

Indignation narrowed her gaze as she turned to glare at him. ‘Are you suggesting that my relationship with your grandfather is anything other than honest, respectful and completely appropriate on both sides?’

‘Is the relationship appropriate on both sides?’ His shrug was pure nonchalance. ‘You appear to be hugely protective of him. I can’t help but wonder what could possibly engender such a degree of commitment.’

‘Then maybe you should contemplate the concepts of kindness and mutual respect,’ she snapped, and crunched Gertrude’s gearbox as she tried unsuccessfully to get the old car into first gear.

One minute the man made her want him and almost like him, and then this! Ooh, it made her blood boil.

Never drive while you’re angry.

Bella’s words of warning rang in her head. Chrissy dropped the car back into neutral, irritated that she had gone so close to being irresponsible simply because this man had annoyed her. He stirred her way too much.

A firm hand closed over hers where it rested on the gear stick.

‘I see I was off base.’ His deep words, although quiet, seemed to fill the small car space. ‘I apologise.’

The warmth of that hand over hers was far too comforting and she thawed a little. But some of her anger remained. ‘I care deeply about my boss. If that’s a crime, then I’m guilty.’

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