His Captive

By: Cassandra Dee

“Shit, this pussy’s tight,” he gasped, sinking in further. “Fuck you gave birth to a ten-pound boy, but you’re still so damn small.”

And that cock pushed in further then, splitting my cunt in two even as I screamed wildly, shivering as I was impaled. Oh fuck, oh fuck, Robert always does this to me.

Finally, he was in, seated solidly in my hotly creaming vag, but Robert didn’t stop then. The alpha pulled his dick out slowly, dick dripping with our combined goo, and then lifted it out before aiming it at my back hole.

“You ready baby girl?” he rasped. “You ready to get dicked in the butt while standing in a cage?”

And I mewled then, trembling.

“No Daddy,” I breathed. “But I know you’re going to do it, so do it right.”

And with that, Robert chuckled deep in his throat before pressing that monster cock against my pleats.

“Oh oh!” I cried out. “Oh god!”

The pressure was unbearable. I wasn’t going to be able to do it, and my lover seemed to agree.

“Fuck you’re small,” he ground out. “Fuck fuck fuck.”

But my butt’s been trashed so many times now that it knows what to do. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and relaxed my behind, and with a pop, my sphincter gave it up. That huge fuckshaft ran into me all the way, owning my anal tract, caressing my ass walls, the fit so dry and tight.

“Fuck!” I screamed. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

And Robert knows how to work it because immediately he began moving, sliding in and out, working that thick shaft into me again and again.

“Awww shit,” he groaned. “Awww shit.”

But we’re all about the dirty and I bent over even more, gripping my ankles as he trashed my ass with that giant cock.

“Use me, use me!” I screamed. “Use that fucking anus!”

And the words threw Robert over the edge. With a loud roar, that big body shook, the tremors extending all the way to his dick, and he spurted man milk into me. Gallons and gallons cascaded, splashing into my anal cavity, so much that it trickled out between our bodies, slipping and sliding all over my wetly creaming cunt.

“SHIT!” he roared again. “Fuck shit shit!”

And with that, we soared over the edge together. Because this is how it is between us. It was so wrong, how things started, and yet now I’m nude in a cage, letting Robert fuck me in the ass. It took two years to get to this point and by no means was it easy.

But slowly and surely, Robert built trust between us. He didn’t make me move to the East Coast, he didn’t even make me move in with him at first. Instead, everything was baby steps. Robert relocated to Seattle and wooed me gradually with occasional meals together, joint doctor’s visits, labor and delivery, and finally this. Now we live together, me with his diamond on my finger, and I let him trash my body however he wants, our cries of ecstasy and love blending together.

Because we adore one another, for sure. Despite my misgivings, despite his bad decisions, we are head over heels in love, doing things together that only the passionate can do. Cages? Check. Manacles? Check. Safety? Check check check. Now that we understand each other’s boundaries, our relationship has deepened to a new level, our understanding intense and true. Because this is the man of my dreams, the dark savior who brings me to heaven and back again and again, making my body soar, my mind spin with his charisma and intelligence.

But despite it all, we still have secrets. Or more accurately, I have a secret. I’m pregnant again, did I mention? That’s right, Robert and I are going to have number two, and it’s going to be wonderful. My lover is an amazing dad, and I know he’ll be thrilled at the thought of another child, of watching me grow round and bountiful from his seed again.

So I’m gonna tell him as soon as we’re done. But that’s only after Robert comes into the cage, putting on the manacles for a change. Because we take turns now … and with the alpha as my captive, I’m never letting go.


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