Holiday with the Millionaire

By: Scarlet Wilson

As she turned, her heart thudded mostly in fear in case she saw rejection in his dark gray eyes. He had a patrician, distinguished aura and was immaculately dressed. His gaze studied her features for a moment. “I’m glad to see you’ve changed for the better. Today the Rose family can be proud of you.”

“You look very handsome too, Father.”

“Christina?” Lindsay reminded her. “Take your father’s arm.”

The organist had started playing Wagner’s “Wedding March.” There’d probably never been this many people inside. Her joy was almost full.

She clung to her father as they slowly made their way down the aisle of the ornate interior. The only eyes she searched for were her mother’s, wanting her approbation. Her mother, who was in her midfifties, was still a beautiful brunette woman and the envy of many.

Just once Christina hoped to find a loving smile meant for her alone. As she passed the pew, she made eye contact with her. A proud smile broke out on her mother’s perfectly made-up face. That acknowledgment made Christina feel as if she were floating as she walked toward her prince.

She focused her attention on the two men standing at the altar before the priest. Zach, as best man, stood several inches taller than the crown prince, who was six foot one, according to Elena. They were watching her progress.

A slight gasp escaped her lips when she looked into the startling blue eyes of the man she was about to pledge her life to. It had been several months since the last time she saw him at the palace. His visit had been brief.

In full dark blue ceremonial dress, Antonio looked so splendid she was shaken by her reaction to him. His light brown hair, smart and thick, was tipped with highlights from the sun, reflecting a healthy sheen. With such a lean, fit body, he was the epitome of a royal prince every little girl dreamed of marrying one day.

How incredible that Christina was about to become his wife. If I were the type, I’d pass out at the feet of the most desirable man in all Halencia. But I’m not going to make any mistakes today. This is my wedding day. I love it already.

Caught up in all the wedding preparations, she felt that she was his beautiful bride and she intended to be the woman he was excited to marry. Her teenage dream had come true. The only thing more she could ask of this day was that the fantasy would last forever.

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