Holiday with the Millionaire

By: Scarlet Wilson

She could feel her anger starting to smart. This guy was a royal pain in the neck. The tranquil time she’d expected to get here had been ruined. Two weeks to get her head together and make some plans for when she came back from her holidays—hopefully enough time to secure another tenancy somewhere.

‘I made an executive decision. Bread would be too squishy.’

The edges of his mouth turned upwards. He was trying to keep a straight face. He lifted the bacon onto his toast and grabbed a spoon for the beans. ‘Squishy.’

‘Squishy,’ she said again as she put her bacon in the middle of her toast and spooned some beans onto the side of her plate.

She lifted the toast towards her mouth. ‘Now I’m going to watch you eating that without getting beans all down the front of your white T-shirt.’

‘That sounds like a challenge.’

‘You bet it is.’

* * *

Things were beyond odd. He was beginning to like the pink teddy bear more and more—particularly now she was showing some added spark.

He could tell his mere presence annoyed her. Under normal circumstances he’d probably feel the same way. When Caleb had offered him somewhere to stay while his building work was done he’d been relieved. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have enough money to check into a hotel—he could have done that easily. But then he would have been constantly around people when what he really wanted was some peace and quiet in order to negotiate a deal with a troublesome sports star.

Even though Addison didn’t really approve of him, his days of being a bad boy were more or less over. He just didn’t have enough hours in the day any more.

He watched as Lara poked at her plate with a fork, trying to spear the baked beans individually.

‘Slippery little suckers,’ he said as he tried to hold his sandwich together. She glared at him as he took a bite. After a few seconds he spoke again. ‘Okay, you got me. I’ll admit it. It tastes great.’

She gave a hint of a smile. ‘It is pretty good.’

‘Better than chocolate and wine?’


This girl was fun. Or she could be fun if she’d just let her guard down a little.

‘So, how did come to be working for Caleb and Addison?’

She sat back on her stool at little and sipped her coffee. ‘I met Addison through a mutual friend. She was looking for a nanny at short notice and I had just got back from Australia.’

‘What were you doing out there?’

She gave a little shrug. ‘I went to see the world but ended up only seeing Perth. I met someone when I got there and ended up working as a nanny for a family there for nearly ten months.’

‘Why did you come back?’

She rolled her eyes. ‘My visa was going to expire and I hadn’t met an Australian I could con into marrying me.’

The more she shot at him the more he liked her. ‘I don’t believe that for a second.’

She shook her head. ‘The guy I met, Josh, was English. Let’s just say I don’t have a good record with guys. If he’s a loser, I’m attracted to him. If he’s a cheat, I can’t spot it. If he’s bad for me in any way, shape or form I seem to fall for him hook, line and sinker.’

Now he was definitely curious. ‘You staying here—is this about a guy?’

She let out a sigh. ‘Let’s just say after today’s Sliding Doors moment it looks like I’m going my dream holiday on my own.’

‘Sliding Doors?’

‘Yes, as in the movie.’

‘Never seen it. What do you mean?’

‘You’ve never seen it?’ She shook her head. ‘Where have you been? The girl gets out of work early and runs to catch the tube. In one version she makes the train, in the other she doesn’t. In the version when she gets home early, she catches her boyfriend in bed with someone else.’

He sat back, bacon and beans forgotten. ‘And that happened to you?’ Maybe he should actually start watching these chick-flick movies.

She sighed again and nodded.

‘Ouch. Blooming fool. Who is he? Do you want me to go and sort him out?’

Her head shot up. She looked surprised. ‘Of course I don’t.’

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