How To Pleasure A Playboy

By: Talia Hunter

“I wish my father could have come to the opening of the Gary Gibson Memorial Library. But knowing this library was being built made him very happy in his final days.” She glanced at Bronson, her eyes shining. “In the last weeks before he died, my father finally found peace. His anger disappeared, and he even gave Bronson and I his blessing. Anyone who knew him would know how remarkable that was.”

In the audience, he saw Crystal nodding, her new boyfriend by her side. Bronson grinned. Lacey’s father had made a point of warning him about what would happen if Bronson failed to make Lacey happy. A warning that had involved plenty of curse words and graphic descriptions of how pieces of Bronson’s anatomy would be dismembered, presumably by the old man’s ghost.

But those last few, lucid weeks had been a blessing. Lacey’s father had seemed a different man entirely. He and Lacey had gotten the chance to heal old wounds, say all the things that were most important, and share precious memories. Lacey had grieved when he’d finally slipped away, but she’d been grateful to have had the father she’d remembered from her childhood back, even for just a while.

And Bronson had been able to let the old man know that making his daughter happy was something he intended to work at every day for the rest of his life.

Lacey finished her speech, her eyes shining. She smiled at him with such love his own heart was filled to the brim. He smiled back. Then he put the scissors in her hands and folded his own hands over them so they could cut the ribbon together.

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