Hustled To The Altar

By: Dani Collins

Con raised his brows as if waiting for her decision. As if she actually had a choice to make.

“But the caterer is coming by with the dishes.” Renny heard how lame it sounded and felt her shoulders sag in defeat. “All right, I’ll go. But I want to be back here by lunch. I can’t leave Mona alone all day when it’s my last one with her.”

“No problem. Go use Shakey’s phone to call Gran and let her know where we’re going.”

“You know they have these fancy inventions called mobile phones, right?” Renny dug hers out of her purse, but it was dead. “Oh. Forgot to dock it. Jacob?”

“I left mine at the house.”

“No problem. It’s not like we’re in a hurry or anything.” Con gave a negligent shrug. “Call over to my place if you’re worried about Gran being alone. Spencer’s there. He’s not doing anything.”

“You need to talk to him,” Renny said as she recalled the hangdog face on Con’s pilot. “He’s had coffee with Gran every morning this week and, between you and me, is worried sick you’re going to let him go now that you don’t need a pilot.”

“Ask him to meet the caterer for you. That should reassure him he’s still needed.”


“Just trying to help a buddy get over his shyness and meet people. Fine, scratch calling Spence, just let Gran know what we’re doing. Go with Renny, Jake. Try Shakey’s coffee. It’s the best in town.” Con leaned on his car and squinted at the sky as if he wanted to soak up Montana sunshine for the rest of the day.

Renny distrusted his idleness. Con’s body might be still, but his mind was always working. Reluctantly, she let Jacob open the door for her and re-entered Shakey’s.

8:33 a.m.

Renny had always imagined the day before her wedding would involve the full princess treatment, but it was turning into conflict with a capital “Con.”

Mona, typically, didn’t want Renny going to any trouble on her behalf. Renny reassured her by telling her she wanted to visit a spa in Deception, but the tiny white lie bothered her.

As she walked out of the pool hall again, her stomach churned with misgivings, but not as bad as before she had told Con. Her conscience had been very bothered at the idea of walking away from Mona’s problem, but a couple of hours in a car with Con and Jacob weren’t likely to provide inner peace.

Con was still leaning on his car and straightened when they appeared.

“Gran all right?” he asked.

“She asked me what I thought you were up to.”

“You said six foot one, right?”

“I said you love her very much so your motive is pure, but after a couple of weeks of doing nothing, you’re bored, and that makes you dangerous.”

“You’re one of the few people besides Gran who gets me. It’s so refreshing.”

“Are we ready to go?” Jacob asked.

“Do you have a map?” Con asked.

“I do.” Jacob walked down the block to his car.

“I knew he was a map man,” Con murmured as Jacob moved out of earshot. “Where’s his sense of adventure?”

“I keep it in the glove box,” Jacob called out, showing them the map he retrieved.

“I’ll bet.” Con chuckled.

Renny opened her mouth to defend Jacob, but paused when she saw Jacob step back and view his car. He scratched his head.

“Problem?” she asked, walking toward him. Con strolled beside her.

“The tires are flat.” Jacob circled his car.

“All of them?” Renny asked, incredulous.

“What are the chances of that?” Con asked. “Hey, I know. Renny and I will go ahead and you can catch up.”

And he could spank her bare bottom while they were at it, because he obviously thought she was born yesterday. “No thanks. I’ll wait for Jacob.”

“You have to come with me. I can’t find a guy I’ve never seen,” Con reminded her.

“So wait for us.”

“It makes more sense for you and me to go ahead. That way, we’ll be done by the time Jacob catches up to us.”

“Done what?”

“Finding Felix. Pay attention. What do you say, Jake?”

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