In Love With My Boss

By: Audrey Tolhouse

Jennifer’s jaw twitched. Pressing a smile into her face, she swallowed back a sting of pride. “Not yet, James.”

He met her eyes again; his gaze turned downcast. “That’s not good.”

Jennifer kept herself from smiling genuinely. “Another fight?” Maybe she sounded too happy about that. She bit her lip.

James glanced towards Jennifer. He sat back in the plush computer chair, the plastic squeaking beneath his weight. When he looked at her a second time, his gaze steadied. “I guess you could call it that,” he stopped talking and seemed to linger on an unspoken idea.

Jennifer’s stomach tightened. She decided to continue, “I’ve got the reports and numbers for the Calson meeting at ten. Accounting said they need a couple more hours for Dryson .”

James nodded mindlessly. He ignored the two folders Jennifer held out for him. At length, he asked, “How would you feel about calling her?”

He paused when Jennifer clicked her jaw shut. She squinted her eyes and after several seconds, her face simply fell. No fake smile, just nothing.

“Are you serious?” She asked?

He began again. “Okay, maybe not to talk to her,” James spoke fast, eying his assistant carefully, “but perhaps to invite her to a restaurant with me.” He ended with a hopeful grin. “You know, something like an anniversary dinner.”

“It’s not your anniversary,” Jennifer reminded thickly. James knew there was hardly anything that he couldn’t ask that she wouldn’t do—except that. For all his incredible charm, the one thing he wasn’t was available.

James nodded at Jennifer’s remark. He lowered his head, deep in thought. When he lifted it again, he wore a sultry grin.

“Aaannnnngel,” James called.

Jennifer frowned, ready to fight his soft cooing. She felt her face warming. She smiled, but then quickly forced a grimace.


“Angel, come on,” he coaxed with a growing grin.

Jennifer shook her head. “James, no.” She said it with more force, but her even her eyes began to dance at his drawing call.


She sighed, huffing with a feigned irritability. “James,” she opened her mouth to think of an excuse but sputtered on air instead. “Tonight?” She asked finally, exasperated. “You want me to create an evening for you two tonight?”

James shook his head quickly. “Maybe tomorrow. I took your advice about a second investor level partner and set an interview dinner with someone this evening.”

“What?” Jennifer’s face changed, dropping to severe. “You did something without me?”

James beamed. “A surprise. I want you to be there with me,” he gestured, point to Jennifer. “You can help me assess this guy.”

Jennifer racked her memory of James’s scheduled appointments and needs. He didn’t have any dinners planned. As far as she could remember, his evening was open. “Okay, what time is that tonight? I’ll need to put it on your calendar.”

James lifted his phone and swiped at the screen. After a couple of taps, he sat it down again. “Just sent the info now,” he paused. “What about Katie, Angel? Can you do something for tomorrow night?”

“You have a benefit.”


Jennifer’s jaw tightened. “I’ll be in Denver, but Wednesday’s free for you.”

He smiled and jumped up. “Wednesday it is!” He reached for the folder Jennifer laid on his desk and opened it, sitting back down in silence.

Their morning run down was over. He had work to do. Jennifer stood. “Casual or formal for the interview?” She asked, hesitating at the door to his office. James didn’t lift his head from the folder.

“Check the email.”

Forcing a tight smile, Jennifer nodded and turned. “Of course,” she muttered under her breath.

Chapter Two

Jilted and Made to Dance

SHE HAD BEAUTY she was certain other women must have craved. With shoulder length auburn hair that flowed and curled loosely and dark, sultry hazel eyes, she was a Midwestern city chick through and through. She had worked alongside James for five years. He had begun his serious relationship two years ago and she still didn’t understand what had made him smitten with her, Katie—the main chick.

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