In Love With My Personal Assistant

By: Audrey Tolhouse

Jennifer forced her legs to move. Her mind jumped from his second declaration of love to how he classified Friday as “the fiasco”. The big failure. Was that because of her? How she quickly left, leaving him to pay the bill, followed by her stark silence all weekend?

At James’s side, Jennifer forced her eyes to narrow in on the text, but it was hard. She could smell him, the familiar lovely scent of his favorite musk. She remembered, it was downright intoxicating. She loved sharing screens with him, being so close to such strength—wait—what?

With renewed vigor, Jennifer tried to focus on the words. She saw the roman characters, but couldn’t really make anything out. At her side, James was still talking.

“Jerry started sending me freak emails Thursday evening, but they didn’t make sense until later Friday evening. He said one thing after another, things weren’t going through. The original office we tried to contract for ourselves was apparently under contract when we told Jerry we wanted it. He didn’t tell us because he thought he could work out the negotiations with the relator and seller himself,” James paused. “He couldn’t.”

With a determined struggled, Jennifer tried to focus on the meaning behind James’s words. Now the issue was starting to become clear. The office they wanted was a necessity for several reasons: Exposure and location. As a new firm establishing itself in the market, they needed to be where the other businesses were to establish casual rapport and build relationships.

“Why didn’t Jerry just tell us as soon as we lost the contract?”

“He thought he could get it back. Instead, he just ended up pissing off the seller and he thinks we’ve been blacklisted out of several prime commercial spots in the downtown hub.”

Jennifer’s mouth dropped. “No.”

James turned to her and nodded solemnly. “Yes. I spoke with the relator myself Saturday.”

“So what now?”

“I’ve been on the phone for hours. I flew out there Saturday evening and spoke with the original seller, a large real estate investor who doesn’t need our business and spoke with them personally. I convinced them that Jerry and his actions, as ass backwards as they were, were not the opinions of me and this company and told them my partner could meet with them personally throughout this next week to smooth and put out whatever wrinkles and fires that asshole made.”

Jennifer’s head swelled with the information. She never met Jerry. He was a reference from one of James’s business contacts, but she didn’t understand how anyone could screw up something like this so horridly wrong.

“I don’t understand,” Jennifer repeated, trying to work through the facts. “How can we be blacklisted? If the realtor is an issue, couldn’t we just try again with a different one?”

James raised an eyebrow. “Of course. But it’s not just the realtor, but the owner too.” Jennifer frowned.

“The owner of what?” She smirked, “The entire downtown commercial business sector? Wait,” Jennifer’s saucy smile faded. “You can’t be serious. Those buildings are owned by a corporation, aren’t they?”

James nodded. “And the CEO is Robert Dwebbings. He doesn’t just own business property in Denver, but Chicago too, and other cities as well.”

The confusion was back. “You only spoke with the realtor this weekend?” Jennifer’s mind raced to muddle through the facts. James nodded. “Do you really think it’ll take two weeks to sort this out?”

“Well, I’d love to be optimistic, but at this point, I think we just have to be prepared for whatever. Seogen and Carnal don’t know about the setback, but if we can’t get our office up and running within the week, we’re going to have some major delays implementing the first string on our contracts with them which isn’t a good impression to make within the month.”

Jennifer nodded. “So, what can I do?” She asked eagerly again. “Is there anything I can do to help? Maybe I can take some of Jerry’s responsibilities regarding those two contracts until we get that office up.”

James squinted his eyes at her, chewing thoughtfully on her words. “I think I have a better plan.”

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