Into the Darkness

By: Kat T. Masen

Part I of The Dark Angel Series


To anyone who made my crazy imagination come alive.


So it’s true what they say, this is the hardest thing to write. Where do I start?

To my hubby – Thank you for being who you are, a smartarse. I love you not only for your smart mouth but for allowing me to be who I am. You have my heart but Lex Edwards comes very close. In saying that, keep doing the dishes babe, and you’ll remain number one.

To Nicola – We did it, my sista from another mista! Without you this book wouldn’t have come alive. I love you from across the ocean and thank the gods of Twitter for bringing us together. Fo shizzle, Jizzy, this is our dream – not just mine.

To Aidalis – Life handed us bananas and somehow we still made lemonade. You are my lifeline and just because I’m a spoilt little brat, I still want that stamp set.

To Lily – Poony, thank you for encouraging me when all I wanted to do was quit. I love you to infinity and beyond!

To all my ladies on Twitter, you are a bunch of crazy bitches. Thank you for the endless hours of hilarity and for never underestimating my Googling skills.

To my editor, Michelle – Thank you for seeing my vision and allowing me to stay true to myself. You believed in me and for that I am eternally grateful.

I write this final acknowledgment as a blubbering mess. To my three angels that walk this Earth: Alex, Preston and Masen. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for allowing Mummy to write and enjoy her coffee in peace. Yes, Mummy does write about love and no, the dark angel is not a ‘villain like the joker’.


I wrapped my arms around myself to shelter my body from the sea breeze. The night air was cool yet humid, the lingering smell of rain mixed with salt. A sudden flash of lightning brightened the dark sky, a beautiful sight followed by the inevitable. I placed my hands over my ears, burying my head between my legs. The crash of thunder startled me. Slowly, I raised my head and uncovered my ears, then listened to the low rumble disappear into the night. I hated storms, they terrified me, but here I sat, waiting patiently as I always did. This was our special place, but tonight—with the moon obscured behind the dark thick clouds—this no longer felt like our safe haven. Anxiously, I pulled out a weed that stood between the rocks and tore it apart until there was nothing left. The lightning struck once again and the threat of thunder forced me to bury my head. I rocked back and forth as I hugged my knees. Unwillingly, my mind returned to the night my fear of storms began…

“He is the most beautiful man you will ever see. His soul will capture you, but don’t be fooled, Mi Corazon. He will use all his powers to draw you in when there is nothing left to do but take the one thing you’ve been holding on to.”

It was past my bedtime but I couldn’t sleep. A storm was rolling in and the thunder was getting louder. I pulled the covers over me, frightened by this creature Momma spoke about. With my heart racing and my voice shaking, I dared ask the question that haunted me.

“Who is he, Momma?”

Placing the book down, she paused, staring out of the large window. Fear passed over her classically beautiful face as she continued. I wasn’t sure why. Daddy would protect her. Daddy had a gun and said if anyone would ever hurt us, he would hunt them down like hungry wolves.

“The Dark Angel,” she whispered.

The name alone frightened me. Was he like the big bad wolf? I didn’t understand what I would be holding on to. I was only eight. This fairytale was nothing like the others. Where was the happy ending? Did the Dark Angel turn into a prince like in Snow White or Cinderella?

“Will he come for me, Momma?”

The thunder shook the house and I clutched her arm as tight as I could. I was scared, the thunder was so loud and I didn’t want the Dark Angel to come for me. He scared me. I wanted to stay with Daddy and Momma. As the noise became louder, I buried my head under Momma’s arm, trying to shut out the horrible sound.

“Momma, I’m scared.”

“Sleep, Mi Corazon.”

Humming my favorite lullaby, she stroked my hair to calm me down until I fell asleep in her arms.

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