Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

“Hi daddy,” she said panting.

“Hey Tasha,” her father Eric said. “What’s going on? Have you been running?” he asked concerned.

“Shit!” she thought. “No, just thought I’d hit the gym,” she said looking at Jay. “But I just ran into Jay, he’ll be dropping me home,” she added giving Jay a ‘you-better-do-it-or-else’ look.

“See you soon then,” Eric said before hanging up. Jay gave her a smile and moved closer to her.

“Where were we?”: he asked as he brought himself forward to kiss her again. She pushed him off as she adjusted the buttons on her blouse.

“You were taking me home,” she said as she jumped to the front seat. Jay looked at her in disbelief.

“Really?” he asked, shocked.

“Yes, really,” she said giving him the same sharp look as she had earlier. Jay knew he was already fighting a battle he could not win. He jumped to the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition. “You still have my gym bag in here right?” she asked as she fixed her hair. “I would hate for daddy to know that I’ve been lying,” she added fastening her seat belt. Jay took a deep breath.

“It’s in the trunk,” he said as he started driving away. Natasha smiled to herself. It was about time Jay realized that she wasn’t a toy. She would hold off till he begged.


On Thursday morning, Natasha looked at her reflection in the mirror and then at the humongous pile of clothes on her bed then sighed. She had no idea of what to wear and this was not one of the days you throw an outfit together. Today would be her third and final interview with Nolan Schmidt Communication Solutions, a media company in….no her dream media company. It the only media company she knew that was all rounded. Television, radio, public relations and advertising. NSCS was one of the most reputable media companies she knew. She was always afraid that she would never make the cut.

“Tasha, breakfast!”she heard her nan call from downstairs.

“Be there in a minute!” she yelled back as she pulled out three outfits from the huge pile on her bed. “Red is too damn loud,” she thought as she narrowed it down to a black dress. “You never go wrong with the little black dress,” she thought as she walked to the closet for a pair of red black soled platform heels. “This is really good,”she thought as she smoothed the bottom of the dress down after pulling it over her head.

The dress was the perfect contrast to her light African American skin tone. The pencil design of the skirt made her hips and well rounded ass seem exceptionally beautiful. The v-neck was definitely showing off her big tits. She took a red and black polka dotted scarf and gracefully laid it on her shoulders. It would match her shoes and shut nan up about her revealing dress. She always had something to say about her clothes. The nerve.

“My girl be killing them today,” her dad, Eric said as she walked into the kitchen. Natasha smiled as she put her handbag on the table.

“Thank you daddy and good morning,” she cooed as she walked to the table. Eric smiled at her as he rose to join her at the table. “Hi nan,” Natasha said as she took a seat.

“Hey baby, I made you pancakes,” her nan Estelle said with a smile. She smiled back as she dug in. She was certainly nervous but her stomach had none of those nerves.

“So, third time’s the charm, huh?” Eric asked with a smile. It was obvious that he was proud of his daughter.

“Yeah, so I’ve heard,” Tasha said between mouthfuls.

“You are going to be great honey,” Estelle said touching her hand.

“Fingers crossed,” Natasha said as she looked at her phone. “Oh my God, is that the time?” she asked no one in particular as she gulped down her juice. She grabbed her bag and headed out. “Hey dad,” she called from the door. “I’m taking your car,” she said as she grabbed his keys.

“Whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Eric said as he stood up.

“Daddy, look at me,” Natasha said as she twirled around. “Do you really picture all of this, in that?” she asked pointing at her car, a mini cooper. “I hardly look serious in that car,” she added.

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