Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

“The girl does have a point,” Estelle said matter-of-factly as she took a sip of coffee. Natasha shot her a dirty look. Eric sighed. “Fine,” Eric said as he succumbed to his fate. He never seemed to win anytime he was against these two.

“Yes!” Natasha shrieked as she headed out.

“A thank you would have been nice,’ Eric said to Estelle who replied by taking a nice long sip.

“I heard that,” Natasha called out as she got in the car. Though NCCS was just a few minutes away, the drive there seemed to take forever. But when she finally pulled into the NSCS driveway, she found herself a bit more relaxed. She was feeling fairly confident as she got out of the car even though her feet wobbled lightly under her. She was not sure what happened but the next thing she knew, she was glancing up at a friendly looking face. She suddenly realized that the friendly face was a stranger who had her cradled on his lap.

“Welcome back,” he said with a smile.

“What….what happened?” she asked sitting up. “Who are you?” she asked as she smoothed her skirt down.

“Mitchell Schmidt,” the man said. “You passed out. Drink this, it will give you some energy,” he added handing her some grape soda.

“I passed out…..” Natasha said in a panic. “Great. Now I have definitely lost it.”

“Relax,” Mitchell said as he made her sip some soda. “Nothing is ever that serious,” he added.

“Yes it is,” Natasha said as she struggled to get to her feet. “I am supposed to be interviewing for this position today……” “….I’m sure they’ll understand,” Mitchell curt her short. She smiled weakly.

“Hope you are right,” she said as she struggled to stand up. Mitchell helped her up and stood next to her for a while.

“I better walk you to the lobby,” he said. Natasha looked at him ad nodded. She hated feeling so weak. Mitchell put his arm around his waist as they walked together towards the reception.

“If ever there was a time I felt insecure, it’s now,” she thought as they walked through NSCS’ lobby. The other interviewees, or whatever they were, were already there. All seated giving her a ‘you are so done’ look.

“You okay?” Mitchell asked looking at her. She could see the concern in his eyes but she was not very sure what it was for. “Hey, you better clear that grape soda,” he said gesturing at the can in her hands.

“This is embarrassing.” Natasha said under her breath.

“Oh please. I pass out in front of strangers all the time,” Mitchell said looking at her. She laughed as she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Thanks, really,” she said as Mitchell looked at his watch.

“Oh crap,” he started. “I’m really sorry but I will have to leave you now,” he said with that same killer smile.

“I can’t than you enough,” Natasha said clutching the can in her hands. She could feel her palms getting a bit sweaty. “Damn it, girl, stay down,” she thought as she tried calming herself down.

“Don’t mention it just stay strong,” Mitchell said as he walked off. He turned his head and gave her a little wink. “Fuck that’s sexy.” As he walked away, she couldn’t keep her eyes off his ass. He did have a sexy one, so she couldn’t be blamed. His dark wavy hair bounced with every step he took. He kind of reminded him of Grey’s Anatomy’s Derek Shepherd. Maybe he was her very own Dr. Shepherd. Her very own McDreamy.

“Natasha Black,” the receptionist called snapping her out of her daydreaming state.

“Yeah, that’s me,” she said quickly.

“They are ready for you,” the woman said.

“This is it,” she thought as she took a deep breath. She took her clutch bag in her hands and slowly but surely made her way to the board room. She knew exactly where to go but she had no idea what to expect.

“Miss Black, nice to see you again,” Patrick, the head interviewer said as she walked in.

“Thank you for having me,” she said as she took a seat in front of the four man panel.

“Well, today Mr. Schmidt will be joining us,” Patrick said. Natasha took another deep breath.

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