Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

“You are playing with the big guns now.”

“Meet Mitchell Schmidt, the CEO,” Patrick said as McDreamy walked in. Natasha flushed. She could suddenly feel a sea of emotions overwhelm her. Her cheeks were flushed, her nipples felt a bit hard and her pussy, well her pussy was almost completely drenched.


“Nice to meet you Mr. Schmidt,” she said surprised that her voice did not shake at all.

“Nice to know your name,” Mitchell said with a smile as he sat down. “Shall we begin?” he said as he got his questions ready. Natasha wanted to scream or something. This would be a hard one, the hardest one yet.

Chapter 2

“What the fuck was that?” Natasha wondered as she walked back to the parking lot. A few hours ago, she was sure that she would ace the interview but now, she did not have so much faith in herself. She got into the driver’s seat and threw her head back with a sigh. She ran her fingers through her thick hair as she recalled the last couple of hours.

“This is so damn messed up.” She thought as she took her phone out of her purse. “Celia would know exactly what to do,” she said to herself as she scrolled for her best friend’s number. She finally found it and swiped the screen to call. Her fingers were trembling as the phone rang on the other end. A soft knock on her window sent her into panic mode. The phone dropped to the floor as her hand landed on the car horn resulting in a resounding honk in the serene environment.

“Fuck!” she said loud enough as she turned her head to see a smiling Mitchell standing outside the car. She nervously placed a finger on the power window and smiled as the window slowly rolled down.

“Do I need to get you some ice for that?” Mitchell asked gesturing to the bruise that was now forming on her wrist. She looked at her hand and let out a nervous laugh.

“I’ll be fine, Mr. Schmidt,” she said politely. She felt her heart skip as he smiled at her again. “Darn, Tasha. What is with you today?” she wondered. Could it be that her dry spell was playing into her personality making her the biggest klutz she knew?

“Call me Mitch. Mr. Schmidt is my dad,” Mitchell said looking at her. She smiled at the statement. For some reason, even the most cliché remarks made this man unbelievably desirable.

“OK, Mitch,” she said feeling a bit more relaxed.

“You seemed really nervous in there,” he said leaning against the car. “I really thought you to be a bit more confident,” he added.

“I passed out and the CEO of the company I was interviewing for gave me first aid,” she said looking t him. “Tell me that wouldn’t make you a bit nervous,” she said again. She involuntarily tucked a hair strand behind her hair. She always did that when she blushed.

“True that,” Mitchell said. “You still did well enough though.”. she felt her cheeks flush.

“I guess we’ll see in a few weeks,” she said laughing nervously.

“There is a coffee shop around the corner that makes a killer latte,” he said passively. It seemed obvious to Natasha that this man had not had so many negative answers in his life. She smiled up at him.

“Mitchell Schmidt, are you asking me out?” she asked surprised at her new found boldness.

“Matter of fact I am,” he answered. “Now get out of the car. You’re making me look creepy to onlookers,” he added looking around. Natasha laughed as she reached for her purse. Once she was out of the car, she found herself looking at her rear view mirror for self approval. For some reason this would have to be the first guy she had met in over two years who wasn’t a complete douche. She almost wanted to kick herself as she stood in front of Mitchell who was obviously making his own mental judgment.

“You know between the passing out and me carrying you, it might have slipped my mind to tell you how good you look,” he said effortlessly. She smiled at him and adjusted her skirt waistline.

“Thank you, Mitch,” she said finally getting the courage to look him in the eye.

“You know, not many women are able to pull off the glamorous official look all at once,” he said again. It was obvious that he was hard at work trying to charm her pants off and she did not want to let him know that it was working.

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