Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

Natasha nodded her approval as they began walking away from the parking lot. The walk though short was in a word uncomfortable as far as Natasha was concerned. Her loins were still heating up and the fact that this man made him blush almost every other second wasn’t helping. She kept her head low as she followed him out of the company premises and onto the street.

She looked around as vehicles sped by like police cars in hot pursuit of some criminal. She suddenly felt an overwhelming wave as he slid his arm around his waist. She looked up at him and almost jumped his bones. “Oh my God, he is going to make a move right here,” she thought as she looked into his intense eyes.

“Let’s get you on this other side,” he said softly moving her to his left side, away from the oncoming traffic. “I would hate for anything to happen to the future of NSCS,” he said with a smile. Natasha felt her heart skip a beat again. Was this one of the people who expected you to sleep with them for a promotion or a position in the company?

“No Tasha, stop that,” she scolded herself. She pushed the perverted thought to the back of mind. Sometimes people were nice for the sake of being nice, right? She shrugged in an attempt not to think about it anymore.

“Thanks,” she managed to say as they approached a coffee shop.

“Could you believe it if I told you that this place has been around for more than ten years?” he asked as they walked through its doors. Natasha looked around. The place looked absolutely fabulous. It was kind of like Starbucks, only better.

“A couple of years back, the lady who owns the place wanted to close down because she couldn’t afford the costs. It wasn’t as busy back then,” Mitchell explained as they walked in. “NSCS offered to partner with her fifty-fifty and voila,” he added with a smile.

“Shit, he can be so full of himself,” Natasha thought looking at him. That would have to have been the first negative quality he had.

“Good investment?” she asked looking at him.

“Never regretted it especially since it doubles up as a bar after ten,” he said, a wide grin on his face.

“Hey Mitch!” A young man called from behind the counter. “The usual?” he asked. Mitch waved at him and nodded.

“You are a popular guy,” Natasha said to him with a smile.

“Just around here,” he said as a waitress brought them two lattes. He lifted his cup and smiled. “To the start of something nice?” he asked looking at her. She took her cup and lifted it before flashing him a smile.

“Here, here,” she said before taking a sip. He was right. The latte was like an orgasm of milk, coffee and caramel inside her mouth.

“Good right?” Mitchell asked with a smile.

“Awesome, actually,” she replied after finally swallowing. She looked into his eyes and felt a shiver down her spine. She did not know what it was about him that made her feel a bit, weak?

“So, Natasha Black,” he started as he took another sip. “What else don’t I know about you? I mean apart from what you said in the interview.” He asked still looking at her.

“Nothing much,” she said breaking the long gaze. “I lead a pretty boring life,” she said leaning back in her chair.

“Really? You are going to make me work for it?” he asked. Natasha felt cornered.

“Really. There is nothing to tell except for maybe no one calls me Natasha,” she said shrugging.

“There we go,” he said with a smile. “What do people call you ?” he asked.

“Tasha,” she said quickly.

“Tasha,” he echoed. She could almost swear his eyes twinkled when he said it. “I like it,” he said finally.

“What about you?” she asked. “Do you take all your interviewees on a date the first time you meet them?” she asked. It was her turn to put him in a spot. He smiled.

“No, just the ones who pass out in my parking lot,” he said lightly. She giggled as she felt her cheeks grow hotter.

“Well played,” she said circling the rim of her cup with her finger.

“Well, I try,” he joked leaning forward. “So, Tasha, are you seeing anyone?” he asked looking straight into her eyes. She felt a chill go down her spine as she struggled to maintain eye contact.

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