Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

“No,” she said. “You?” She surprised herself at the question she had just thrown at him. “Not that I…….” “……..Don’t sweat it,” he said before taking a deep breath. “Well, let’s say, it’s complicated,” he finally answered. Natasha felt a wave of rage go through her. This was just what she needed. Another guy with a whole butt load of drama.

“Oh,” she said as she lifted the cup to her lips to take another sip.

“Does that make you uncomfortable?” he asked. Natasha was sure that he had seen her facial expression change. She was never good at hiding what she felt.

“It’s not like we’re doing anything wrong, right?” she said with a smile.

“Right. Just two adults enjoying a latte,” he answered with a smile.

“Walk away, Tasha,” she thought as she glanced at her watch. “This won’t end well.”

“This was nice,” she said placing the cup on the table. Mitchell looked at her and shook his head.

“Was?” he asked. “Are we done already?” Natasha smiled at him.

“This will have to do,” she said as she stood up. “We have to save some talk for next time,” she added.

“Can I call you?” he asked standing up. She looked at him. This time her gaze was more targeted at his lips than eyes.

“You got my number,” she said with a smile before walking away. As she slowly but surely walked out, she could still feel his eyes on her. She wondered whether it was so obvious that she liked him. “You can’t like him, Tasha,” she thought as she walked towards the NSCS parking lot. “He just might be your boss.”

This sucked. McDreamy….Mitchell, was the greatest guy she had met in a while and he just had to be the boss of her dream company. “This is fucked up,” she concluded as she got into her car. She quickly picked up her phone and speed dialed Jay. It was either her long dry spell was making her find Mitchell, though ill mannered, outrageously attractive or….well, she would find out soon enough. Jay had used her once a few many times before. It was time to return the favor.

“This is a surprise,” Jay said when he picked up the phone.

“Yeah I know,” she said as she started the ignition. “No small talk. I need you to be at your place in twenty,” she said before hanging up. She loved the fact that she left him hanging. She would soon know whether Mitchell Schmidt was really her McDreamy or it was really her pussy that needed some well deserved action.


“What’s the big emergency?” Jay asked when he opened the door. She looked at him and pushed him out of the way as she made her way to the bedroom. “Tasha? What’s going on?” he asked as she pulled her blouse over her head. Tasha turned around and undid her skirt’s zipper and let it fall to the ground.

“What do you think?” she asked as she stepped out of her heels. “I’m horny,” she said as she walked to the bedroom without looming back. She knew he would come after her. He always did so long as sex was on the table. When she opt to the bedroom door, she placed her hand on the door knob and turned around. By that time, Jay was already undoing his shirt buttons while trying to quickly walk towards her. “Leave it,” she said as she pushed the door. She swayed her hips slowly as she walked towards the bed.

She could hear Jay’s labored breaths at the door and she was careful not to turn too quickly. She wanted him to enjoy the view before she denied it to him. She slowly turned revealing her full breasts that looked like they were about to break free from the lacy restraint that was her bra. She smiled at Jay as he walked towards her. His buttons were barely undone.

Natasha put her hands on his waist as she undid his belt buckle before pulling it sharply. She smiled as she ran her hand over his crotch. She could feel that he already had a raging hard on. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips as she undid his pants and then his buttons. His hands were already making their way to the small of her back and finally down to grope her ass. She pushed the shirt off his shoulders before pushing him on the bed.

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