Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

He lifted his head to look at her. Natasha smiled when she saw how cute (in a pathetic kind of way) he looked with his pants around his ankles. She licked her lips seductively as she undid the clasp of her bra.

“Beautiful,” she heard him say under his breath when her breasts finally bounced free. She then slid her panties off her legs before finally stepping out of them. As she climbed on top of him, she kicked her shoes off which made a resounding thud on the wooden floor. Jay brought his hand up to cup her face and then brought her face down to kiss her.

She felt herself shiver as his lips slowly worked hers before finally feeling his tongue intertwine with hers. She sighed as her one of her breast rest softly in his palm. He pulled away from her and took one of her nipples inside her mouth. She moaned softly as his other hand kneaded her other breast softly.

He had clearly not forgotten what to do when it came to pleasing her body. She stretched her hand to the bedside table where she knew he always kept the rubbers and took one out. He was still busy giving her breasts great oral pleasure when she slipped the rubber on his rigid cock.

She pressed herself against his head as he sucked her harder making her moan loudly. She felt herself melt onto his waiting cock and knew it was time. She pulled herself away from him and held him by his wrists.

She could tell he was surprised when she secured her straddle while pinning his arms over his head. She looked down on his face as she lowered herself on his hard cock.

“Oh….Tash….oh fuck,” he mumbled as her wet cunt engulfed his cock. She smiled as she looked at his face which was winced in pleasure as she worked herself on his rigid pole. She lifted herself slowly before going back down on it making him now moan her name.

Her pace was slowly getting steady with every stroke, an obvious sign that her pussy was getting used to his size. She slowly moved herself on and off his cock as she squeezed her pelvis down on him making sure he stayed that way. She then began working short strokes on him, just letting herself fuck his highly sensitized cock head.

His moans grew louder as she cock teased him. She was liking every minute of this. He tried lifting his pelvis up to bury himself inside her hot, wet pussy but she tightened her knee grip around his waist.

“Down boy,” she said as she brought her face down to kiss him. He moaned softly when she let her tongue intertwine with his as she went on fucking him using the slow strokes that were obviously driving him insane. She pulled away and saw him close his eyes, slowly resigning to his fate

”That’s it,” she said before allowing her pussy to take in the whole of him. He groaned loudly as he sunk himself inside her hot depths. Her speed increased as her strokes got longer and more intense. His pelvis was now freely rising to meet her own long thrusts. He opened his eyes to see her tits bouncing right in front of his face and again, he took a nipple inside his mouth and began sucking. She moaned loudly as she worked her pussy faster and harder on his hard shaft. Slurpy, sloshy sounds filled the room as his cock moved in and out of her, rapidly making her wetter, drenching the covers. He let go of her nipple only to take in another one and suck it with the same intensity.

When he finally let her go, her beautiful full tits stood alert and highly aroused. He freed his hands and made her head lie on his shoulder. He placed his hands around her waist and took over the dominant role, driving his cock deeper inside her. He used his strong grip on her waist to pull himself inside her wetness which was suddenly getting tighter. He always wanted to see her when she had her climax but this time, he could not let himself pull out of her. The way her tight pussy closed over his penis when she was about to give in to her pleasure made him achieve his own orgasm. He groaned as she screamed out loud. They could both feel a warm fluid coating the insides of their inner thighs.

“Damn,” he said as he slowed down. She was shivering in his arms. Beads of sweat were all over her back and breasts. She pulled away from him as she felt his limp cock slip out of him. She looked down at him and smiled. “Does this mean what I think it does?” he asked amid short breaths. She looked at him and scoffed before letting herself drop on the bed.

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