Is Mr White Mr Right?

By: J A Fielding

“It doesn’t mean anything Jay,” she said as she reached for tissues to clean herself up.

“But why….” “….please Jay, don’t ruin my mood for round two,” she cut him short as she brought her face to his to kiss him again. He wrapped his arms around her as he responded to her kiss. She felt an inward victory as she felt his arms on her back. She was over him. She was completely over Jay. But wait, then this meant that her attraction to Mitchell Schmidt was genuine. It wasn’t the dry spell. “I am officially screwed,” she thought as Jay came on top of her.

Chapter 3

Natasha walked through the living room with a big bowl of chips as her best friend followed closely. She had been dancing around the details of the interview, and Jay and Mitchell. She had no idea how to break the news because she knew Rita would judge. She had always been judgmental and she was not known to ever mince her words. Natasha had no idea how she was going to begin or how she would end, if Rita even allowed her to get to the end of her story.

“Girl, you are killing me,” Rita said rolling her eyes. Natasha sighed as she sat down. She put the bowl of chips on the couch next to her as Rita sat down. She crossed her legs and looked at Natasha right in the eye. Natasha felt her cheeks flush. She hated being so light skinned.

“You have to promise not to overreact,” Natasha said taking Rita’s hands in hers.

“What?” Rita pressed. “Are you selling our country’s secrets to the soviets?” she asked in cynicism.

Natasha smiled. “Very funny,” she said leaning close. “Okay, me and Jay,” she started after taking a long breath. “Did the nasty,” she added giggling like a teenage girl in love.

“Oh hell no,” Rita said yanking her hand from Natasha’s grip. “You fucked Jay? What the hell is wrong with you?” she asked in surprise. Unfortunately, Rita was being a bit more dramatic than Natasha had hoped she would.

“Could you say that a little louder, I don’t think my dad heard you,” Natasha said in a hushed whisper. She looked over her shoulder at Eric who was busy at the kitchen table working on his laptop.

“Seriously girl, “ Rita started again. Her voice was thankfully lower this time round. “I thought you said you were done with Jay,” she said crossing her legs on the couch. Natasha shrugged.

“Well, I was horny,” Natasha snapped back. “A three month dry spell tends to do that to you, you know,” she added in a whisper.

:There are so many other people, why Jay?” Rita asked. “If all you wanted was a fuck then you should have gone to Craigslist,” she added. Natasha rolled her eyes again.

“I also wanted to be sure that my sexual drive was not a basis for my attraction to Mitchell," she said ignoring Rita’s earlier comment.

“Tasha Black, what are you not telling me?” Rita asked looking intensely at Natasha. “Who is Mitchell?” she asked suddenly more interested in what Natasha had to say than anything else.

“Well, I met a guy,” Natasha said blushing. “The hottest guy I have ever known, Rita. Thick dark hair, muscular body, toned skin,” she added. By now, she had a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Who is this guy, Derek Shepherd?” Rita asked as she made herself more comfortable on the couch. Natasha looked at her in surprise.

“I thought so too, “ she squealed. “We are so alike right now,” she added throwing an arm around Rita’s shoulders. Rita looked at her in disgust.

“You sound like a white girl,” she said in a sarcastic voice before they both laughed.

“Is that Rita Johnson,” Estelle’s voice filled the room as she came through the front door.

“Hey Mrs. Black,” Rita said smiling as she walked to the door. “Here let me help you with that,” she said as she took the grocery bags from Estelle’s hands.

“Bless you child,” Estelle said with a sigh. “How is everyone back at home?” she asked as she walked over to the kitchen table. Eric stood up to get her glass before pouring her some cool lemonade.

“Fine, Mrs. Black, just fine,” Rita replied. Natasha walked over to where they were and began helping with the groceries.

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