Kitchen Promises

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Here you go, sweetie. I brought juice and cookies.” He smiled, handing me the glass.

“Oh my god, Oreos! Are you trying to make me fatter? I can’t eat that crap!”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I thought you’d like a midnight snack to help you fall back asleep.” He jerked the bag of cookies back, looking like a scared puppy.

“No, the only thing that will help me sleep is getting Travis out of my damn head!” I snapped unwillingly.

I told Drake about the dreams since the first night I woke up screaming. Didn’t happen very often in the beginning, but now they seemed to be happening every few nights. It’s quite exhausting.

“Oh god,” I cried. “I’m so sorry I yelled like that.” I covered my face with my hands, letting the tears fall out. Ugh, I hated this part of pregnancy.

“It’s okay. Whatever you want, Molly. I’ll get it…or won’t get it…or whatever you need!”

“You’re going to get sick of me, I just know it.”

If I weren’t a blubbering mess, even I’d want to laugh at myself. God, I couldn’t even control my damn emotions anymore.

I eventually fell back asleep in Drake’s comforting arms. No matter how many outbursts I had, he never left my side. If I thought Drake was overprotective before—I really hadn’t known how he would be when he found out I was carrying his child.

* * *

You know that moment when life feels frozen in time and nothing seems real? Or rather, you have an out of body experience, and it’s as if you were watching the moment happen from above?

That was exactly how I felt the moment my life changed. It was as if I were watching the whole thing instead of experiencing it first hand. It was as if it were in slow motion—happening right in front of me.

That was exactly how I felt the moment Drake kneeled in front of me. I hadn’t been prepared for this. One minute I’m peeing on a stick, finding out I’m pregnant, and the next—Drake’s proposing.

“Molly?” Drake smirked, still waiting for my answer. God, he looked so damn handsome. The way his hair rustled in the wind and his dark eyes looking hopeful up at me; he was breathtaking. I still wondered why a man like him chased after a girl like me.

He had no idea how happy he was making me in that moment. The fact that he wanted to marry me—for me. He didn’t even know I was expecting yet, unlike the last time a man knelt in front of me. I knew Liam loved me, but we were young. We never would’ve been engaged had I not been pregnant with Stella.

My hand covered my mouth in shock, unable to answer him. The moment brought so many memories back, so many unwanted memories of Liam and then the pain rushed in—the pain of losing him—the pain of thinking I had lost Drake when he was shot.

Perhaps it was the news of finding out I was expecting, or the hormones, but I started crying uncontrollably. I was so embarrassed that I spun around so Drake wouldn’t see me.

I felt him come behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his nose into my neck.

“Baby, I’m sorry if I rushed—” His hands stopped on my stomach, feeling the bloat that was making my stomach swell already. I froze in place as his warm hands touched me, rubbing over my barely-there bump. His lips softly kissed under my ear and down my neck.

“I love you,” he whispered in my ear.

I slowly spun around and faced him. His expression was a mix of worry and lust. I smiled at him as I rubbed a hand on his cheek.

“Yes. I want to marry you.”

His eyes lit up as they searched mine.

“Are you sure? I mean—”

I hated that I made him feel doubt with my mental breakdown. “I am so sure.” And I was. I had never wanted anything more. “I—I was just not expecting that.”

He nodded as if he understood and cupped my face with both hands. He leaned down and softly pecked my lips, bringing our foreheads together.

“I will do anything to make you happy, Future Mrs. Stagliano.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that.”

“I’m glad.” He smiled with his hands still on my cheeks.

“I do have a confession,” I said softly. Before I could continue, a loud bang sounded in the sky, jerking my attention away from Drake. I glued my eyes above and saw three fireworks blasting in the air.

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