Kitchen Promises

By: Brooke Cumberland

“Oh my god, what did you do?”

“Did you really think I’d propose to my girl without a dramatic grand finale?” Yeah, I should’ve figured.

“You never cease to amaze me.” I blushed, looking into his bright brown eyes that were no longer dark and intense like the first time I met him.

“Now you can have a lifetime of amazing.” He grinned, lowering his lips down to kiss me once more.

“There is something you should know, though.” I broke the kiss, chewing my bottom lip as the nerves overcame me. I planted my hand back on my stomach and looked down, hoping he’d see where I was leading the conversation.

“Getting cold feet already?” he teased nervously. I shook my head at him, moving back as I gave him a better view of what I was rubbing.

“No, never. But…it looks like you’re getting a new title soon besides ‘husband.’” His eyes widened, finally getting what I was trying to tell him. “I’m pregnant.”

“What? Really?” he gasped. “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” His smile reached his eyes as he engulfed me in a hug.

I was pleasantly surprised at his reaction. We hadn’t talked about having kids together, and honestly, I didn’t even know if he wanted any of his own. I was prepared for at least a little shock—maybe even a little anger. Given that I was on the pill, I was worried he would’ve thought I did it on purpose.

“Yes, really!” He pulled back and covered my face in his hands, burying me in his kisses. As more fireworks blasted in the night sky, he continued kissing and worshiping my mouth.

Besides the birth of Stella, that was the best moment of my life. Knowing we were becoming a family and building our future together was something I never thought possible. When Liam died, I thought that was it—that I’d never have a family or a happily ever after, but now I was convinced otherwise.

“Stella!” I yelled from my bed, already needing assistance.

“Yes, mommy?” She wore a bright smile as she skipped to my side.

“Can you help mommy up? I’m stuck.” I made a pouty face at her, making her laugh. It had been so long since I had been pregnant that I forgot what it felt like to feel like a million pounds. Not only was I carrying two babies, but it was as if the swelling showed up out of nowhere. I was bloated, swelled up like a penguin, and achy—oh, the joys of pregnancy.

She grabbed my hand with both of hers and yanked me as hard as she could and gave me just enough lift to help me off the bed.

“Thanks, baby.”

“Are you going to have those babies soon, Mom?” She looked up at me in sweet innocence. We had the baby talk about two months ago when we started telling people, explaining to her that we were having a baby, and that she and Liam would be a big brother and a big sister.

“I knew it.” She folded her hands across her chest, not acting surprised at all.

“What do you mean you ‘knew it?’” I asked, stunned that my five-year-old acted like a thirty-year-old woman.

“I told you I wished for one.”

“Yeah, me too,” Liam chimed in.

“You think I’m having a baby because you both wished for one?” I asked, humoring myself. “Well…what if I told you I’m having twins?”

Stella and Liam’s faces lit up as they slapped high fives. Part of me—the curious part—actually wanted to believe it was their wishes that made this come true—but the skeptical part knew better. No, it was just a coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences…so, what? Was this all part of my life plan, after all?

“Mommy, how are you getting those babies out of there?” she asked as I waddled my way to the closet. My eyes grew big, knowing that I’d have to have this talk with her soon, but I wasn’t prepared to do it now—I hadn’t figured out how I would explain the whole birthing cycle yet.

“Well…” I choked, trying to stall as long as possible. I grabbed a shirt from the hanger, buying me more time as I slid it on.

“Did you eat watermelon seeds? Is that how they got in there? Mackenzie said that’s how her mommy had her brother.” Oh, yes…great and informative Mackenzie.

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