Lawless:Mob Boss Book Three

By: Michelle St. James


Angel Rossi opened her eyes all at once, fighting disorientation in the moment before she remembered where she was; the sofa in her office —formerly her father’s office.

It wasn’t unusual for her to take a nap in the middle of the night and then work until morning when she would run home for a shower and change of clothes. In the four months since she’d taken over her father’s businesses — and the Syndicate’s Boston territory — she’d spent almost every waking hour at Rossi Development.

She stretched and checked her phone. Two am, which meant she’d been dozing for almost two hours. She would need to work through the night to finish auditing the financials on the subsidiary that looked to be an off-the-books payroll service for the crooked cops who had worked for her father.

She wondered if Luca was still in the office next door. He’d been her almost constant companion since Nico’s death, but she would have to send him back soon. Allow him to run New York properly, the way Nico had intended when he’d appointed Luca Underboss before his death.


She shouldn’t have worried that she would forget him. She could see his face as clearly as if she’d seen him yesterday, could still feel his hands on her naked body, his breath against her hair when he pulled her close in the middle of the night. He was as real as ever, and sometimes the permanence of his absence hit her out of the blue, the worst kind of surprise. She would double over then, heaving, gasping for air, sure the blood was turning to sludge in her veins, that her heart was slowly coming to a stop without him.

She was always surprised when she woke up the next morning. She forced herself to put one foot in front of the other even when it seemed impossible. It was what Nico would want, and she focused with obsessive single-mindedness on remaking her father’s empire — and plotting revenge against the people who had supported Dante in his bid to oust Nico.

Raneiro had come to visit shortly after she’d removed Frank Morra. The head of the Syndicate had been impassive as he’d quizzed her about her plans for the Boston territory. She wasn’t fooled. Possession was nine-tenths of the law, and right now, she was in possession of Boston. But she knew he had concerns. Her father hadn’t intended for her to take over when he died, hadn’t even bothered to tell Angel about his business with the Syndicate. She knew Raneiro thought she was in over her head.

It might have been true in the beginning, when she’d been driven more by fury than ambition. But her anger had fueled a sustained determination to dismantle the machine that had killed Nico and ruined her chances of having a normal life. That had traumatized David to the point that he could hardly leave the brownstone even now, months after Dante kidnapped him and cut off two of his fingers in an effort to gain control of the New York territory.

Dante had been the head of the snake, but he hadn’t been alone. Men from other families had joined him in an effort to kill Nico’s twenty-first century business model for the Syndicate — a model that was seen as too soft by men accustomed to the brutality of old world organized crime. They had all worked with Dante in one capacity of another. Offered him help, support, resources. She had made it her mission to destroy every one of them.

She started by learning the books at Rossi development inside and out. Learning where the money was hidden, how it was laundered. Learning which cops were on the payroll, which men had aided her father in the murder of Nico’s parents. Now she knew who was involved in the most despicable of the Syndicate’s income streams — child pornography, human trafficking, bad loans to those already down on their luck, identity theft of innocent people.

And she was slowly picking at the threads that would unravel it all.

She sat up as something rustled nearby. Was it outside the office? The janitors usually didn’t come until later, and everyone else was gone except Luca. He rarely left her alone, and when he did go back to the apartment he was renting downtown, he made sure Marco or Elia had eyes on her. It had been disconcerting at first, but she’d gotten used to it. After what happened in Los Angeles, she didn’t trust anyone but them, and she needed to stay alive long enough to finish the job she’d started and make sure David was back on his feet.

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