Lawless:Mob Boss Book Three

By: Michelle St. James

She crossed the room and opened his closet door, then removed a pair of sneakers. She set them on the floor and pulled his legs around so his feet were next to the shoes.

“Put those on,” she said. “And hurry.”

He started moving — too slow for her liking, but at least he was moving — and she crossed to the window, daring a peek around the curtains. Everything was dark, still no sign of the police. Shots burst from the front of the house below David’s window, and for a split second she caught a flash of someone’s face in the glow of the firing gun. It was a man, but the light didn’t last long enough for her to get a good look at him.

“Ange?” She turned toward the sound of David’s voice. “I put on my shoes.”

She nodded and walked over to him. “Good.”

Glancing down at his clothes, she saw that he was in a pair of old pajama pants and a T-shirt. She went to his dresser and pulled out some jeans and T-shirts, then shoved them into a backpack from David’s closet.

Where was Nico? How long was she supposed to wait?

She was debating the merit of trying to get David out of the house on her own when Nico burst through the door. His face was calm, his eyes intense, and she felt an immediately lightening of her fear. It was the kind of safety she only ever felt with him.

“Let’s go,” he said calmly.

She turned to her brother and handed him the backpack. “Come on.”

He was paralyzed again, his body frozen as he looked at Nico, and she realized he had no idea Nico was still alive. It must have been like literally seeing a ghost.

“It’s okay. I’ll explain later. Nico’s going to get us out of here.” Another volley of gunfire exploded below the house, and she thought she heard the front door splinter. She tugged on David’s arm. “Come on, David.”

He let her pull him up from the bed and they joined Nico at the door. He stuck his head out into the hall, then turned back to them.

“Stay close.” He moved out of the room.

Nico led the way down the narrow back staircase with one thought in his mind; get Angel and her brother out alive. Thank god she lived only a few minutes from the offices of Rossi Development. He’d hit the street at a dead run after receiving Luca’s call saying two men were moving into position outside the brownstone. He’d arrived just as the gunman at the back of the house fired on Angel.

He came to a stop at the landing behind the kitchen and turned to Angel and David, then put a finger to his lips, listening for clues about what was going on outside. They were ill-prepared; too few men, no headsets, no plan for escape. He heard the sound of gunfire, but it sounded farther away. At the front of the house? Fuck. He couldn’t be sure from the muffled confines of the staircase, but he couldn’t afford to cower. He needed to move Angel and her brother out of the house, get them to safety before things got worse.

“As long as the coast is clear, we’re going to exit through the doors in the kitchen. Stay close, stay low, and do whatever I say.” He cut a glance at David, who was pale and trembling. “Are you okay?”

He didn’t answer, and Angel took his arm. “He’ll be okay,” she said. “Just get us out of here.”

Nico eased open the door and looked into the dark kitchen. It was quiet, but that didn’t mean someone wasn’t watching. He slipped out of the staircase, waved Angel and David forward behind him, and entered the kitchen at a crouch, his gun trained on the shattered windows.


Had he hit the man who had been firing at Angel from the backyard? Or had the man gone to the front to assist whoever was firing from there?

No way for Nico to know until he exposed himself. And Angel.

He moved toward the set of doors leading to the backyard. They were almost there when glass exploded from inside the mullions. Fire ripped through his left arm as he shoved Angel and David back against the wall and returned fire. He couldn’t see shit, but he fired in the direction of the shots as he covered Angel and her brother.

A minute later, the shooting stopped. Had the gunman gone down, hit by one of Nico’s bullets? Or was he waiting for them to leave the house?

He took a deep breath and eased toward the door with Angel and David on his heels. He didn’t bother opening it, just cleared the little bit of remaining glass with his hand and stepped through the ruined frame, trying to keep Angel and David behind him.

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