Lawless:Mob Boss Book Three

By: Michelle St. James


He glanced back. “Come on.”

He hurried down the terrace steps and stepped onto a crushed gravel pathway that led to the front of the house. He’d used it to enter the living room window from the side of the house while Angel had been under fire in the kitchen. He led them that way and almost tripped over a prone figure sprawled half in the bushes and half in the path.

Blood was oozing from a wound in the man’s chest and trickling out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes were closed, but he was alive, a low groan coming from his mouth. Nico had never seen the man before. He’d undoubtedly been sent by someone more powerful. But he had tried to kill Angel. Had made her cower and fear for her life. For the life of her brother. And that meant he wouldn’t be allowed to leave alive.

Nico raised his weapon and fired into the man’s forehead. He went still, and Nico waved Angel and David forward.

“Come on.”

Nico half-expected to hear gunfire as they reached the front of the house, but it was quiet when they rounded the corner.

“You’re clear,” a voice said to his left.

“Luca!” There was obvious relief in Angel’s voice. Nico wondered if this meant she would forgive him for the secret Nico had forced his friend to keep. He hoped so.

“You didn’t think I’d really leave you alone, did you?” Luca asked.

Nico looked him over. He was disheveled but none the worse for wear.

“Where’d the other one go?” Nico asked.

“Took off,” Luca said. “What about the one in back?”

“Dead,” Nico said.

In the distance, the sound of sirens erupted into the night.

“Time’s up,” Luca said. He handed Nico a set of keys. “Car’s around the block. You need to get out of here.”

Nico nodded. “Thanks.”

He didn’t ask about Luca. He didn’t need to. After so many years working together, the words were unspoken but understood; Nico would get Angel and her brother to safety. Luca could take care of himself. They would connect when they could through channels that had been set up long ago for just this kind of situation.

Luca clapped his shoulder. “It’s nothing. Keep in touch.”

He walked away, disappearing into the night a few seconds later.

Nico turned to Angel and David. “Let’s go.”

They hurried around the corner where a black Escalade was waiting. They got in the car and were making a U-turn as the first squad car crossed the intersection behind them. Nico kept his speed down, careful not to draw attention as they put distance between themselves and the brownstone. He glanced over at Angel, drinking her in from the glow of streetlights on the other side of the glass. She was as lovely as he remembered, as lovely as she’d looked all the times he’d watched her in secret. She was a bit thinner, her cheekbones more pronounced, but she was still his Angel, her hair the color of sunlight in fall, her eyes as green as the deepest waters of the Atlantic.

He was surprised to find that she didn’t look shaken. In fact, her face was so serene, he didn’t notice the gun in her hand right away. She held it against her thigh as easily as if it were a set of keys. He reached for it, prying it from her fingers and setting it inside the console. Then he took her hand and squeezed.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” he said.

He headed for the highway and the one place they would be safe.

She knew right away where they were going. The few times she’d been able to get away from Rossi Development and the Syndicate, she’d gone to Nico’s island in Maine. It was the place she felt closest to him, and she’d spent the time walking the beaches with David, telling him all the good things about Nico, not wanting her brother to remember the man she loved as a thug who had killed their father, destroyed their lives.

She told him the whole truth instead; that their father had murdered Nico’s parents and Nico had sought revenge by kidnapping her. That he’d saved her life when their father had held a gun to her head. That he’d saved David’s life in Los Angeles and made it possible for them to be free of Dante by killing him.

She didn’t reinvent Nico. She didn’t need to. He had shown her how enigmatic people could be. The beauty of him was in his mystery, and she didn’t want to do him the disservice of oversimplifying him to David. To anyone.

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