Lost in the Shadows

By: Courtney McPhail

(In the Shadows Series Book 2)

Chapter 1

“Fucking bloodsucker freaks!”

Isaac, second son of Damianus and Enforcer for the High Council, ground his teeth together in an attempt to resist beheading his companion. He could try to sell the execution as an act of mercy for the world but he knew it would never fly. For some reason, everyone loved his companion instead of seeing him for what he was, an annoying pest.

Isaac pulled tight on the reins of his patience and tried to ignore the violent cursing and focus on his real quarry. The sound of rustling leaves and snapping twigs was as loud as a gunshot to Isaac’s ears and he turned around to glare at his companion. He was oblivious however; too busy waving his arms around wildly to combat the insects that were buzzing around his head.

At any other time, Isaac would find pleasure in seeing Demetri, third son of Zopyros and Resident Pain in the Ass, irritated by something he couldn’t fight but not tonight. There was a reason why he had brought Demetri out to this God forsaken wood and it wasn’t to be plagued by insects.

Isaac’s focus returned to the small cabin a few dozen feet away, searching for any signs of life. Despite the darkness of the night around them, Isaac could see the structure clearly through the trees, the crescent moon as bright as noonday sun to his preternatural eyes.

“Seriously, I’m getting eaten alive here,” Demetri whined and slapped his cheek in annoyance. “Do we really have to hang out in the bush at the height of mosquito season? Fucking bloodsuckers!”

An ironic statement considering that he and Demetri were bloodsuckers of a kind themselves. To humans, their kind was just a step above the hungry pests. At least they would be if humans had any idea that Shadow Walkers existed.

“Come on, no one is here,” Isaac said, rising from the crouch he had been in since they had arrived half an hour earlier. Demetri followed him as he led the way out of the trees and to the cabin.

“Did you really think that anyone would come back here?” Demetri asked sceptically.

Isaac shrugged his shoulders in response. “It’s not my decision to be here.”

Though he had known the site was ice cold, he could not ignore an order from those he served. The High Council was the governing authority for the Shadow Walker race and it was his job to enforce their laws without question.

The Council members had gotten a scare when he had informed them of what had happened in this isolated wood a month ago.

Armand, an unbalanced Shadow Walker with a vendetta against the Zopyros clan, had managed to convince a small group that it was time to challenge the Council’s power.

The Council had become complacent with their status as the unquestioned authority of the race over the centuries. They had believed that their power would never be challenged and so even an attempted uprising as small as Armand’s had rattled the members.

Despite Armand’s death, the Council was still concerned about his followers continuing with his work and they wanted them stopped.

The task of stopping them had fallen to Isaac and, as the Enforcer, their wishes were his commands. It didn’t matter that he had known the cabin was a dead end. When the Council had ordered him to go there and search it, he had to obey. He had vowed to follow their orders and enforce their laws centuries ago and only death would release him from his duties.

As they approached the cabin, it became obvious that no one had been here in a while. The entrance to the cabin was wide open, the door torn from its hinges at some point. The scrabbling of animal claws on wood came from the shadows inside as their approach disturbed the cabin’s new occupants.

Broken furniture littered the floor along with dirt and leaves that had blown inside the open door. Isaac breathed deep, searching the air for any scent of someone having been there. All he could smell was the pungent odour of wild animals and beneath it the slight metallic tang of old blood.

“This place gives me the creeps,” Demetri said, as he looked around, “And that’s saying a lot, you know, me being an immortal supernatural being and all.”

Isaac did not respond though he knew there was truth in Demetri’s words. This place was haunted, but not by ghosts or any other supernatural creatures. No, the eerie presence in this place was the result of the horrors that had occurred here. The evil that had been committed here had left an everlasting imprint on this place.

It was why he had asked Demetri to come with him this night. Someone in the Zopyros clan needed to see and feel for themselves what had gone on here. To understand the scars that had been inflicted on their kin here.

Using one of his more useful Shadow Walker traits, the lightbulb overhead flickered to life at Isaac’s mental commands. The various rodents who had moved into the cabin squealed as they scrambled for cover as the room brightened.

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