Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

But the sad thing was that once upon a time, Alexandria was my type. She was always an annoying bitch, but I guess in my youth I didn’t focus on personality so much. So long as the female was a stunner, someone to make every man’s dick hard, then I was okay with it. I could put up with all sorts of shit so long as she was a ten on the traditional looks scale, someone who was paparazzi-ready night and day.

But my thinking’s changed, all the old shit makes no sense anymore, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Maybe it was because my ex was a six foot skeleton, all looks and no brain, and five years with her wore me down. I mean, how many dinners did we have where there was literally no conversation? Not a single word exchanged, and not because she and I were on bad terms. Vivian just didn’t have a cell in her brain, so at most, we could chat about the weather or our daughter, if she’d even bothered to see Violet that day. Plus, my ex never ate either, just swilling wine the entire meal. Is that even safe? Is it safe to be drinking gallons of alcohol on an empty stomach, night after night?

But my ex was gone now, and I was more than thankful. Because oh fuck yeah, I’m a different man now. It was a tough lesson, but I like sweet, curvy and sexy now, a little poundage makes my pulse race, the blood course in my dick like a hammer coming to life. I want huge tits, the kind I can bury myself in, fucking their sweet bellies if I want a titty session. And as for ass … I never thought of myself as an ass man, my previous girlfriends had nothing to speak of back there, flat as a pancake. But now I like them bountiful, huge, the better to knead, squeeze, and penetrate illicitly.

Because oh yeah, I want anal. I want to pound a butt so hard that the woman comes, her breasts dragging on the ground as she kneels before me, doggy-style, taking it from the back. I want to ruin that asshole, make her cry out in pleasure as her back pucker is breached, as she gives me everything she has to give, curvy body rolling and shaking as she’s fucked from behind.

But I forced myself under control because my thoughts were getting away from me and right now, I just wanted to locate my babysitter. My sweet, sweet teen sitter with the body of my fantasies, whose face had been superimposed on my dream girl, the one who took such good care of my daughter. Oh yeah, when Mandy had lifted Violet into her arms, soothing the tot, I’d felt a surge of something. I’m not sure what it was. But Mandy looked so maternal, so beautiful, cuddling the baby. What would it be like to see the teen swell with my child, that curvy form becoming even rounder, her stomach blossoming with the evidence of my seed, my virility? Fuck, that wasn’t enough. I wanted to see her bloom over and over again, bearing two, three, even four of my children.

What the fuck is wrong with you? I raged. This was no way to think about my innocent babysitter. Mandy was probably asleep next to my daughter even now, maybe hugging one of my daughter’s stuffed animals, her breath mixing softly with Violet’s. Fuck, I was a sick bastard, my imagination had gone over the edge, way off the reservation.

So reining myself in, I cracked open the door to Violet’s room. But there was no Mandy. Nope, Violet was asleep, a little blonde lump in her child-size bed, curled up and peaceful. There was definitely no teen temptation camped out in the room anywhere. Softly, I closed the door once more, shaking my head. Where could my babysitter be? Maybe the study? The library?

But shit, all that alcohol at dinner turned on the waterworks and I needed to piss. So I strode over to my suite and opened the door quietly. What the fuck? Was someone in here? Something was off, there was a rectangle of light under the en suite door and the distinct sound of water splashing.

What the fuck, what the hell was going on? Did I have a leak? It was totally possible given that new construction these days can be shoddy, even if you paid millions for a renovation. And this couldn’t be a robbery, unless the sick fucks had decided to take a bath in my room before taking my shit. So what the fuck?

I pressed forward again and the splashing sounds continued, this time louder as I leaned towards the door. And fuck, but sounds came out then. Not the singing I’d thought I’d heard, but the moans of a woman enjoying herself, pleasuring herself over and over again in a luxurious bath. Her breathy sighs and gasps rang out in the tiled space, the echoes magnifying every throaty gasp, every needy whimper so fucking arousing.

Oh shit. I had to see, I fucking had to see this. It could only be one person and the right thing to do would have been to spin on my heel and beat feet out of there, to let my teen babysitter enjoy herself and pretend like nothing happened. Fuck I should get back into my car and drive in loops until my body calmed, dick under control, heart rate slowed.

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