Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

“Fuuuck!” I roared, grabbing that fine, curvy form to me, pressing her vag tight against my hips as I bucked and shot, loads of white spraying her interior passage. “Fuck!”

And the way Mandy creamed around me, screaming as her pussy spasmed, clenching, drawing my sperm ever deeper into her body, gave me all the answers. This union       would be a fertile one, a successful shot at heaven, and in nine months, I had a distinct feeling that my woman would be growing round once more with our sixth child, proof again of our love for one another. Because my eighteen year-old babysitter, so luscious and firm, delicious and tantalizing, was having my babies now, one after the other … and it was absolutely right because I’d fallen head over heels for the woman of my dreams.


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