Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

So after closing the door, I sat on the steps of the staircase, crouching, exhausted. It was just me and my girl, and the huge mansion seemed depressing all of sudden, gigantic and empty. Shit, maybe we should move to the city, all my daughter and I needed was a small apartment, we’d be fine without these extra rooms, spaces no one ever set foot in.

But at that moment, Violet wandered into the foyer, tear-stained with a stuffed animal clutched in her hands, and said, “Daddy?”

And I swept her into my arms. I couldn’t move my daughter, not now. Not after all the changes she’d gone through, this place was the only home Violet knew. So I resolved to make life as good for her as possible.

And it’s turned out okay, surprisingly. Violet goes to daycare for a half-day now, and I take care of her on my own for the rest of the afternoon. Fortunately, I’m an entrepreneur who makes my own hours, so it’s no problem. Getting my daughter onto a schedule, into a stable routine was more important than the fat cats who pay me the big bucks.

But I hadn’t had a break for months, and the rigid schedule was wearing me down. So when I heard that Mandy was back in town, I immediately dialed her parents’ house. Lo and behold, the teen was still babysitting and was happy to come over, even on short notice.

So yeah, Mandy’s a lifesaver. My little girl had leapt immediately into the curvy brunette’s arms, looking like she belonged there, some peace in my house after months of chaos. And it looked so right, so amazing, that I almost canceled my date, texting Alexandria to tell her something came up.

But I couldn’t because Alexandria’s been nagging me for months to get out, and if I canceled I’d never hear the end of it with endless whiny voicemails, pleading emails, and countless messages left with my secretary. So yeah, now I’m stuck meeting the woman at a restaurant, one of those places where entrees cost thirty bucks, of which Alexandria would eat approximately one fifth and then wave the rest off, focusing on her wine. She’s one of those high-maintenance types, the kind with weekly appointments at the salon for hair and nails, always seen with vampy red lipstick even when working out. In my old life, I would have been fine with it, hell, this used to be my “type.” But something’s changed since, I’m not into it anymore. It just seems empty, really fake and shallow now.

So I showed up at the restaurant, not expecting much, and Alexandria didn’t disappoint. She was six feet tall in those heels, dressed in some kind of slinky dress that was part-haute couture, part-showgirl.

“Hiya,” she purred, her green eyes running all over my big form. “How are you, Pete? Long time no see.”

I grunted low in my throat before giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Great,” I rumbled. “And you?”

She laughed throatily.

“I’m good, we haven’t seen each other, in what, six years?”

And I nodded. Yeah, I’d dated Alexandria before settling down with Vivian, and six years sounded about right.

“Guess life repeats itself, huh?” I ground out.

“Oh yes, it does indeed,” she purred meaningfully, running a long red nail down my sleeve. At that moment, the hostess called our name, leading us to the table, but like I said, Alexandria hasn’t changed at all.

“We can’t sit here!” she exclaimed, looking down at the table. It was set beautifully with white linen and a bouquet of flowers, silverware sparkling in the low light. There was nothing wrong. But Alexandria purred, “I want to be out in the open, you know see and be seen.”

And my stomach dropped. Fuck, this was one of the reasons why I’d stopped seeing the blonde, this need to be seen at all the right places, the right events, groomed to the nines on the arm of a powerful man. Couldn’t we just have a nice dinner in the corner? There was a beautiful view of the water, stars sparkling in the twilight.

But Alexandria wasn’t one for natural beauty, she was a social vampire and nothing but “the best” was enough her. So I turned to the hostess and pressed a fifty into her hand.

“Another table?” I rumbled.

And the woman’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, of course, let me see what else there is,” she said, looking around the restaurant. Fortunately it was pretty empty and she led us over a huge table right in the middle where you had a clear view of all the guests, a three sixty sightline.

“Oh this is perfect!” gushed Alexandria. “Thank you so much.”

And I grunted, settling into the booth. This dinner was gonna be fucking painful, I could tell, dating is overrated. But I forced myself to eat and talk, looking exactly like an alpha enjoying himself with a beautiful woman.

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