Loving the Babysitter

By: Cassandra Dee

God, the physical transformation had been amazing. I was white and pink all over, my nether regions glossy and slick and tentatively, I ran a finger between my legs. Yep, it came away slightly juicy. I didn’t know what was wrong with me these days, I was no longer the studious high school student with her head stuck in the books all the time. Instead, I was often so wet that I had to change my panties two or three times a day just so my fellow students didn’t smell my constant arousal, the sensuous female in their midst.

But it was time to let loose here in complete privacy, and not to worry about who was where thinking what. So I turned on the spigot and a hot, white gush of bubbles streamed out. I looked around haphazardly, under the sink, in the medicine cabinet, hoping against hope. Nah, there’d be no bubble bath formula in a guest bathroom, there was probably nothing since no one lived here. I’d have to make do with some water, and the little bit of hand soap over by the sink. But hey, the soap was some fancy French stuff and I pumped a couple squirts from the dispenser, the pearly liquid bubbling for a moment before dissipating. Okay, there’d be no foam, but at least the water was slick now, giving the bath a luxurious, sensual feel.

And pinning my hair up, I stepped in. Oh god, the warm water felt so good, lapping against my muscles, immediately soothing me. It was like I was immersed in a slick ocean, the water buffeting my form, caressing me in every direction. My boobs bobbled in the waves, only half hidden, my pink areola peeking out, and the warm liquid caressed my folds down below.

Leaning back, my head settled comfortably into the built-in headrest. I sighed. God, this was the life. What would it be like to live here full-time, to have a man like Mr. Parker coming home each evening, eating dinner together, playing with Violet before turning in for a scorching night of love? That sounded like pure heaven to me, like a dream come true, something I could only fantasize about.

And the beauty of fantasies is that they can be vivid, so I let my imagination run. Because sure, I’m a virgin but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun on my own, there are all sorts of personal toys that I use when the need begins to burn. And being here, in Mr. Parker’s house had its own titillating edge that sent shivers down my spine.

So slowly, I parted my thighs, resting one pink, manicured foot on each edge of the tub, white legs falling apart to reveal my secret parts within. The water had little ripples, kind of like a funhouse mirror, but I could see my cunt and how it was swollen already, pink and luscious. I leaned forward to crane my head over my breasts and tantalizingly ran a finger up my thigh to stroke the crease between my leg and pussy. Mmm, that felt good.

Slowly my finger quested higher until it was tracing over my labia. Oh god, yes, the flesh grew more engorged, my lips puffing up until they were practically double their previous size, pale yet peachy at once. But it’s my clit that I’m most proud of. Because I have a huge one, when it’s aroused it literally pokes out from between my pussy folds and right now the tip was clearly visible, pulsing and throbbing, I could almost feel my heartbeat in the sensitive nub.

So with delicate fingers, I pulled my vagina apart, gazing deep down into that pink channel. Fuck, I was so wet and it wasn’t just the water. My clit pulsed harder, literally waving and bobbing now and when I brushed it with one finger, my body jerked, it felt so fucking good. Oh god, oh god, I was so aroused, so delirious from just a brush of my fingers, a little sensuous massage. My head fell back as one hand played with my pussy the other stroking a breast, pinching hard at a nipple, squeezing the soft white flesh.

Mr. Parker, I dreamed. Mmm, oh yeah. I pretended he was here with me, hot eyes on my curvy body as I pleasured myself in his guest bathroom, moaning slightly at the thought of the huge male form in this small space, filling it up, his musk a spice in the air, making me swoon with desire.

And desperate for more, I decided to take it one step further. Hey, I was in luxurious surroundings and wanted to use everything available to me. This was such a far cry from the cramped dorm shower stalls that it was time to explore, be adventurous. So with one toe, I flicked on the spigot once more, a gush of water rushing out, and scooted forward on my butt until my pussy was right under the spray. Oh yeah, that felt good. The bubbles were arousing, the swirl of the water so tantalizing on my sensitive flesh that I moaned loudly, throwing my head back, eyes half-closed. What would it be like to feel Mr. Parker’s fingers on my cunt, exploring those soft folds, running wetly through my most sensitive part?

But it wasn’t enough. I needed more pressure, I needed to feel the spray of water right against my privates. So I leaned back, bracing myself on the tub bottom, and canted my hips upwards until my pussy lifted out of the water and the rush of liquid flowed right down on my clit. Oh fuck, that was good. Now the waterfall rained onto my hotly swollen pussy and my cunt began beating, small twitches at first, my moans growing louder, literally echoing through the small chamber. Again, I was no longer in the dorms, afraid of other people hearing, so I let loose, heavy panting rising into high-pitched whines with every passing second.

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