By: Leddy Harper

Her eyes were downcast again and the barely-there smile was now absent from her face. It was as if she had turned into a different person when she spoke of Ben, but the mentioning our session brought her back to reality. Without saying another word, she nodded her head and closed the door.

Who the fuck was this girl?

The moment I walked into my laundry room from my garage, I stripped my soaking wet clothes from my body. As soon as Ivy was out of the car, I turned the heat back off. I couldn’t take the feeling of the hot air on my skin any longer and immediately welcomed the icy relief. I also cranked up the music. Nothing spun me out of control like the mixture of silence and heat.

I threw the clothes into the washing machine and headed to my bedroom across the house, stark naked. Being naked didn’t bother me. It never had. I actually felt more comfortable without clothes on than I did in them. It came in handy in my practice, when I had to be naked in front of a client. It also helped the other person feel more comfortable. Observing me acting confident had a way of easing their worries.

I’m sure women have looked at me and thought I was arrogant, but that’s not the case. I can look into a mirror like anyone else, and I see exactly what they do. I see what everyone else sees when they look at me. A tall, tan man. A muscular build from sports and working out. Lines and definition running along my body and disappearing below the waistband of my pants. A smooth chest with a dark trail of hair running a line from just below my belly button to the short, trimmed hair around my dick. My short, dark hair that sometimes looks messy depending on how many times my fingers ran through it, and my eyes so dark they almost look black. I see what they see. And I’m smart enough to know I’m good looking. Especially when I’ve been told that my entire life. So if that makes me arrogant, then so be it. But I didn’t look at myself and depict anything special. There was nothing exceptional about my image. Trust me, there was nothing special about what was behind it, either. Only what I allowed others see.

Putting on a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else, I went into the kitchen to pour a shot of whiskey. I downed the first one with a hiss and then started to pour another when thoughts of Ivy once again flooded my brain. I tried to shake them since dropping her off at home, but I couldn’t. So I placed the bottle back on the granite countertop and headed over to my computer on the kitchen table.

I searched her name in social media sites. It was harder than I thought; I wasn’t expecting to find that many people with the name Ivy Jaymes. I had thought it to be an original name before the rows of Ivy Jaymes had popped up. I found one and knew it was her. The only reason I knew it was her was because under occupation, she had it listed as “blogger.”

Her page was filled with posts of books. The last post was a five-star review for a book titled Between Friends by the author Amanda Cowen. I read her review and then clicked on the Amazon link she added to it. A page was opened up right to the book. It was only ninety-nine cents, so I decided to buy it. Little did I know, I would have to own something to read it on. E-books were quite foreign to me. I didn’t really know of their existence or how they worked. I had to spend a little time doing research about them and how to buy one. Turns out, it’s rather simple.

So I grabbed my iPad and downloaded the Kindle app. Within seconds of setting it up, the book I had purchased was right there in front of me. If I were more of a reader, I would probably have enjoyed the instantaneousness of it. Maybe Ivy would make me read more. Who knew?

But instead of calling Alyssa, instead of drinking more whiskey, I sat down on the couch and began to read the book that had Ivy raving in great detail of the emotions it pulled from her. I read exactly two paragraphs before I felt the hair on the back on my neck stand on end. But I couldn’t stop there. I didn’t stop until I reached the end of the first chapter.

Who the hell was Ivy? I had no clue. I had read an entire chapter about a girl, and a boy named Ben. I read about how he sorted M&Ms and made her eat a brown and red one to taste the difference. I read about how much this girl and Ben had in common, all the way down to their love of spicy food. The chapter went on to their conversation of sex, and their decision to flip a coin to determine if they would fuck each other.

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