Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid

By: Suzanne Enoch

“I said aye. I don’t want to disappoint ye, Ranulf. Ye’re my brother, and I love ye. I’d do anything for ye. Anything but marry a man I dunnae love when the man I adore is standing beside me.”

Slowly Ranulf blew out his breath, his shoulders lowering as he dropped his hands again. “Fer God’s sake, the two of ye have spun us around. I ken that some of that was my fault. I made assumptions, and didnae give ye the chance to figure things oot fer yerselves.”

“Ran, ye did what ye thought was best. Ye always do,” Rowena said, walking up to put a hand on one of his arms.

He cupped her cheek with his free hand. “Ye have my blessing, Rowena. Go kiss the lad before he combusts.”

With a happy shout Lachlan strode forward and grabbed her, spinning her around to plant a sound kiss on her mouth. Eighteen years of being on different paths, and they’d finally reached the same destination at the same time. Together. She flung her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back, laughing.

“It’s aboot damned time!” Bear roared, clapping him so hard on the back that he nearly fell over on Rowena.

Lachlan lifted his head. “What changed yer mind, Ran?” he asked, though he likely should have kept his mouth closed. It hadn’t only been him seeing that Cranach wasn’t the one for her, though. Something had finally turned Ranulf back toward him.

“Ye got stabbed, through and through,” Ranulf answered, walking forward to offer his hand. “Ye wouldnae stay behind, even when ye should have. Ye pushed at me and put me in my place, and then ye rode fer nearly twenty-four hours and ye found her. Ye’ll look after her. Ye cherish her. That’s what she deserves.”

“I do cherish her,” he breathed, and kissed her again, more softly this time, ignoring the congratulations being delivered around them. “I cherish ye.”

With a sigh she leaned her lithe body along his. “Ye’d better, Lachlan,” she murmured back, a smile in her voice. “I’m a fierce Highlands lass, and I’ll nae accept anything less.”

He chuckled. “I love ye, Rowena. I’ll nae give ye anything less than that.”

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