Milllionaire Dad, Nanny Needed!

By: Susan Meier

Audra laughed.

“I’m serious.” He took a breath and glanced at the baby in her arms who was no longer crying but appeared very happy nestled against her chest. Dominic studied the calm baby and the woman holding him for only a second before he said, “Except, I’d want more than one night’s help. If you could spend the next month with me while I interview nannies, I’d make it worth your while.”

She winced. “Sorry. No can do. I have a job.”

“I know you have a job. I paid for you to get your degree, remember? I’m not asking you to help me forever. Just the three or four weeks that I’ll need to interview nannies.”

When she opened her mouth to argue, he cut her off, saying, “Look, I’m smart enough to recognize when I’m in over my head and smart enough to recognize a person well qualified to get me out. Plus, you’re from a family I know. I can trust you. If we need to juggle a few things, I’m in the right circles and have enough clout that no matter who employs you, I can arrange for you to get the time off.”

She reached for the knob on the back door. “Even if you could arrange it, I can’t take time off right now. I have a big money problem that I have to solve. That’s why I’m here. My mom volunteered to talk me through it.”

“You have a money problem?” Standing in his snow-covered driveway in front of the huge Tudor-style mansion that had been in his family for generations, he motioned in a circle with his hand. “Look around. The one problem I don’t have is money.” A few quick strides brought him beside her. “If you need money, I’m your guy. Didn’t I just say I’d pay you handsomely?”

“My problem’s too big to be covered by the salary of someone you’d hire to be a nanny for a few weeks.”

“How much money would you need to get out of trouble?”

She sighed. “Dominic, it’s too much—”

“Nothing is too much.” He nodded at Joshua. “He’s my family. For Manellis, money is no object when it comes to family.”

She laughed and shook her head. “You can’t pay me a hundred thousand dollars for a little bit of work.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s illogical.”

“Not really. The way I see this, it will probably take me a month to find a nanny. So you’re giving up a good bit of time. And I’ve already told you money’s no object. Not because I don’t know the value of a dollar but because Joshua’s that important to me. You have the expertise I need but no money. I have money but need your expertise. To me it’s a perfect fit.”

She drew a breath. “Dominic—”


“I can’t take a month off work.”

“You can go to work. I really only need help at nights anyway.”

“Right. Who’s going to watch Joshua during the day?”

“I was hoping your mom could,” he said, his lips lifting into a sheepish smile. “I know it’s not in her job description, but I don’t think she’ll turn me down. Especially since she’s got plenty of staff she can assign to take turns with him. But that still leaves me with nights—” He paused, caught the gaze of Audra’s pretty blue eyes and held it. “Please.”

“I don’t know—”

“I do know. I know your family. It’s in your blood to help people.” Which was why he persisted. Her mother could never resist a person in need, but her mother was also the head of his household. Though she had staff, she and everybody on her staff worked set hours. He might be able to temporarily squeeze Joshua into their schedules during the day, but he couldn’t press them for night duty, too. And he most desperately needed someone for night duty. Not for himself but for the poor baby entrusted to his care. “Think of Joshua.”

She glanced at the baby in her arms. Wonderful Joshua picked that precise second to grin toothlessly at her. She groaned. Joshua was getting to her.

“I’ll give you fifty thousand dollars up front and fifty at end of the month. If it goes longer, I’ll pay you twenty-five thousand a week.” Holding her gaze steadily, he said, “Money’s never been an object for me. You need money, and Joshua needs you.”

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