Missy Goes to West Point

By: P. G. Allison


Dec 2017

“Hey, Patrick? Promise not to tell?” Missy laughed. It was fun to tease her brother and she was in a great mood. Christmas vacation and everyone was home.

Patrick looked at her with a very pained expression on his face. His sister was always baiting him like this. “Only if I like what you tell me. If I don’t like it, then nothing doing. I’ll rat you out.”

Missy laughed and picked up on his choice of words. “Rat me out? But, that’s not much of a threat, once you hear my secret. You see … cats kill rats. You know that, right?”

“So?” Patrick looked around and the fact that his entire family was sitting there, already smiling at what Missy had just said, made him very suspicious. Obviously, they knew something and he was the only one in the dark about her secret.

“So, I’m a cat.” Missy laughed. “That’s my secret.”

“Very funny, very funny!” Patrick looked at the others and wondered why they were now laughing at him so hard. Missy could be such a pain sometimes.

“Sorry, but I’m not joking. Mom and Dad said it’s okay for me to tell you now. They think you’re old enough. Not to tell anyone on me. You won’t, right?”

“Riiiight, you can be quite sure I’m not going to go around telling anyone that my crazy sister is a cat.” Patrick looked at her like she had two heads. “You don’t think I want everyone thinking that I’m crazy, do you?”

Missy said, “I knew that I’d have to show you. But, everyone agrees I can do that right here. I don’t need to bring you out to the State Forest like I did for them. You don’t mind if I spend the next few hours lying around in here, watching TV and stuff with you guys, while I’m being a cat do you?”

Patrick was getting a little concerned, mainly because no one else was acting like she was crazy. Why not humor her, since that’s what everyone else was doing. “Sure, sure. No problem. Be a cat if you want. I won’t mind.”

“Actually, I have to warn you. Prepare you. So, you won’t get nervous. You know those pictures in my bedroom? The mountain lion pictures? That’s me. Mom took those. I’m a werecat.”

Patrick suddenly realized she was being serious and that everyone else was going right along with this. Seriously!

Missy stood up and so did his mother and his sister Heather, who suddenly were holding up a blanket. Missy said, “I have to get naked now, so I can Change. You understand. Okay?” She walked over and stood behind the blanket.

Patrick could see she was taking off her clothes but only her head was showing above the blanket. He looked at his Dad and his brother John but they were just calmly sitting there like this was no big deal. “Isn’t anyone else going to say anything?”

John said, “Missy’s a werecat, Patrick. It’s in our genes, so you really need to know this. That’s why she disappeared for those two years. She stayed in the mountains until she figured out how to Change back. She’s been Shifting back and forth ever since, but we haven’t been letting her out of her room when she does that at home. Until now.” Looking at Missy and laughing, he said, “Okay, Missy. You can stay out here tonight. No more hiding out in your room as long as you promise to be good.”

His Dad got up and said, with a big sigh, “I better go get those raw steaks out for her. You know how hungry she gets whenever she does this.” Chuckling, he walked into the kitchen.

Patrick looked over at Missy who seemed to have finished undressing. She smiled at him and said, “I’ll be back in a flash!” Then, she ducked down and for a few seconds, nothing happened. Suddenly, there actually was a flash, a great shimmer of light behind the blanket and he could feel a mysterious burst of energy in the room. Heather pulled the blanket away and there stood his sister. Missy the werecat.

Chapter One

Jan 2018

“Michelle, have you seen Missy?” asked Mike.

“She’s down at the front desk or maybe over talking to the Concierge … making sure everyone is either already back here or else on their way back. We apparently are now getting a huge snow storm that’s blowing in here tonight, in spite of the forecast for this weekend supposedly being clear. Missy tells me she can feel it coming and you know how she’s never wrong about stuff like that, right?” Michelle had long since stopped questioning any of the amazing things Missy could do.

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