Missy's First Mission

By: P. G. Allison


Nov 24, 2018

The wedding for Mark and Alice was perfect. Even the weather had cooperated. They had never looked so happy and more than two hundred guests were there to see them make their vows. After the ceremony -- with the groom kissing the bride and then the two of them raising their joined hands high overhead -- they were greeted with a standing ovation. Everyone then regrouped over at the hall where the reception was being held and waited to welcome them there all over again. Everyone agreed there was a special excitement about this wedding.

Alice’s Mom had done a fantastic job and it was obvious how devoted she was to making everything absolutely perfect for her daughter. Earlier, she had broken down completely when Alice had insisted on her being the one to give the bride away. Fortunately, there had still been a month after that for her to recover, prior to the actual event, and when she actually did appear with Alice by her side, there could not possibly have been anyone prouder or more radiant.

Alice’s Maid of Honor was also quite radiant. Missy looked spectacular, wearing a dark red gown that matched her hair. She had her hair all done up in an elaborate hairdo, using extensions made from her own hair, along with some unique touches that Heather managed to include. Missy assured her sister that, in the unlikely event that the career in engineering which she was planning for herself didn’t work out, she could safely fall back on being a hairdresser.

Missy’s brother John, as best man, looked very handsome in his tux. His date Tracy was thrilled to be there and once the ceremony was over, she was constantly at John’s side. Yes, she was experiencing an emotional overload. So much had happened during the past four months -- she still could hardly believe so much had been possible. John had flown with her to Texas and Thanksgiving with her family had been the best ever, for both of them. John explained he was now planning to attend law school and would be graduating from that when Tracy graduated from West Point. While no commitments were being made yet, Tracy was thrilled.

There was a brunch the day after the wedding, which the newlyweds stopped by for. They were flying to Hawaii for their honeymoon but wanted to say goodbye to all their closest friends. Once Alice and Mark were on their way, Missy and Mike then also left and went over to visit with Mike’s sister Michelle and her boyfriend Aaron. They’d not had a chance to see that much of them, with all the wedding activity and due to Mike having been at Missy’s for Thanksgiving.

Michelle said, “Hey, Missy? Is it too soon yet for making plans for another Mount Washington ski trip? During your Christmas break? I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s only a month away now and it’s been almost a year since the last time we were all up there.”

“Perfect! I’d love that and I know Mike will too.” Missy looked at Mike and sent him a mental message, after which she began giggling and he broke out laughing. She’d just promised their evenings for this trip would definitely include some monkey sex up in their room.

Mike could only hope -- this time -- she wouldn’t need to go off and perform any rescues …

Chapter One

Nov 28, 2018


The ref’s whistle stopped the play and, having successfully drawn the foul, Missy went to the free throw line. Once again, her head fakes and quick movements driving to the basket, along with her willingness to make physical contact with girls even bigger than herself, were paying off. It was late in the game and this would be a “one and one” situation. If she made the first one, she’d get to shoot the second one. Missy rarely missed foul shots so this was an almost certain two points.

Irina Borovsky told Sharon Manton to go back in. Irina was coach for the West Point women’s basketball team and had pulled Sharon out earlier for a brief rest. She’d also wanted to give Sharon some instructions. Now she told her, “Tell Missy it’s full court press time. And, if she can sink any of those three point jump shots of hers? That would be good.”

Sharon played forward position. She was five-eleven and had been a star player in high school. She was one of the better players on the West Point team, even though she was a freshman -- a plebe. She was also Missy’s roommate and the two of them really played well together. Missy played guard and had really great ball handling abilities. She also was great at stealing the ball and then passing it to Sharon who would then score a quick two points.

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