My Future With Mr White

By: J A Fielding

“I’ll be ready in ten minutes. You get Alexis’ bag,” she said as she rushed to the bedroom. She took off the oversized t-shirt and sweat pants she was wearing and changed into a dress. She put on some light makeup and then pinned back her curly hair. To complete her look, she put on a pair of high heeled sandals and then walked back to the living room.

“Wow,” Mitchell said as she walked towards him. “Talk about a transformation,” he said, looking at her. She smiled.

“Thank you. Thank you very much,” she said in a mock Elvis Presley voice.

“Do you have some guy down at the precinct that you are looking to reel in?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“Why, Mitchell Schmidt. I never took you to be the jealous type,” she said as she picked up Alexis. “Hi there, beautiful. Mommy and Daddy are going to take you for a ride,” she said as she walked out of the living room. She strapped the baby in her car seat in the back and then took a seat next to her where she could keep an eye on her.

All the way as they rode to the station, Natasha felt herself getting tense. She was prepared for anything but she was not so sure that Rita was. Back when Rita’s mom was still using, every single day was a struggle for Rita. Natasha could count more days when Rita’s mother was found on the street somewhere than days she spent at home. For Rita, microwave dinners while watching her mother wasted on the couch was the life she knew and the life she had become accustomed to.

“What if she is...?” Natasha started to ask when they got to the station. Mitchell looked at her and smiled.

“Let’s just take it as it comes,” he said as he took her hand. She smiled, picked up the baby, put her in her stroller and followed him in.

“Hi, we are here to see Officer Cameron,” he said to the woman seated behind the desk. She pointed to a desk where a brown haired man was seated. Mitchell and Natasha walked up to the desk. “Does the state pay you enough to work this hard?” Mitchell asked. Officer Cameron smiled and stood up.

“It doesn’t but that I can live with. It’s the idiots who lounge at their desk all day without working that piss me off the most,” he said as he shook Mitchell’s hand. “Long time no see,” he said.

“Yeah, I know it’s been a few, but work and my family always come first,” Mitchell said. “Speaking of which, Officer Cameron, meet my wife Natasha and daughter, Alexis,” he said proudly.

“I have heard a lot about you both,” Cameron said as he shook Natasha’s hand and then picked the baby up.

“Good things I hope,” Natasha said smiling.

“Well, yes, but he did not do you justice,” the officer said, lifting the baby up. Alexis squealed excitedly. “Any of you,” he added as he looked at Natasha.

“Thanks,” she said blushing.

“So, my man, what do you have about my friend’s mother?” Mitchell asked. The officer put the baby back in the stroller and then walked back to his seat.

“Okay so, I put out a BOLO for your friend, Lydia Dennis. No one in the vicinity has seen or heard from her but we got a hit in Seattle. There was a charge to her credit card,” he began. Natasha frowned.

“Seattle?” she asked surprised.

“Yes. Does she know anyone there? Family maybe?” Cameron asked. Natasha shook her head.

“Rita’s family is estranged. They hardly communicate and I don’t think they have any family in Seattle,” she said.

“Well, the charge was to a motel. We had Seattle PD look in on it but by the time they got there, she was long gone,” he said. Natasha took a long deep breath.

“So this could be another dead end?” she asked.

“Yes and no. It could be if the credit card was stolen but it could also be a major lead,” the officer said. “I am liaising with the team down in Seattle and they reported something interesting. They put out posters and flyers with Lydia’s picture on them and a woman called this morning. She said she saw someone matching Lydia’s description at her place of work,” he added.

“Where is this exactly?” Mitchell asked.

“A supermarket, Pay Less,” the officer said.

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