My Future With Mr White

By: J A Fielding

“Well, I would hate to get between a man and his love of potato leek soup. See you tomorrow, Stacy,” Natasha said as she and Mitchell walked out to the hallway. They decided to stop by the grocery store and got some food and a cake she had pre-ordered earlier that day because she was supposed to bring dessert and that had completely slipped her mind.

“What makes you think Estelle won’t know that the cake is store bought?” Mitchell asked as Natasha took the cake out of the box.

“I especially asked the Cake Factory to make pineapple upside down cake, my specialty, and I even paid extra so they would follow my recipe and put it on my own cake stand,” she said. “My Nan cannot know that this cake did not come from my kitchen and if she does I swear you will be denied all this for a year,” she said, looking at Mitchell.

“Fine,” he said as they got out of the car. “I just don’t like lying,” he said as he walked towards the front door.

“Well, no one is asking you to. Just select your words carefully and don’t answer unasked questions,” she said in a whisper as she rang the doorbell. Mitchell shrugged as Eric came to the door.

“Hey Daddy,” she said when the door opened.

“Hey princess,” he said kissing her forehead. “And my favorite son-in-law,” he said, turning to look at Mitchell. Natasha walked off towards the dining room where Estelle was just finishing setting the table.

“Hey, Nan,” she said smiling.

“Hey baby. You actually remembered the cake. I’m impressed,” she said as she kissed Natasha’s cheek.

“Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?” Natasha asked as she walked to the kitchen. She placed the cake on the counter and smiled at Estelle who was now serving the soup.

“Well, you work sixty hours a week even after having Alexis and you are still in your work clothes. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that cake was store bought,” Estelle said smiling. Natasha silently cursed in her head. She had forgotten the most important factor in lying, covering your bases.

“Well, Nan, it isn’t. I baked it in the morning and then I had Stacy do the frosting and bring it back to me in the office. I had a meeting in the afternoon, so I couldn’t go home,” she said quickly.

“Sometimes I wonder if you pay that woman enough,” Estelle said smiling.

“Well, she is the best paid assistant in the entire company so yeah, she is well compensated and she is not complaining so neither should you,” Natasha said. Estelle smiled at her. “Can I help with anything?” she asked looking at Estelle.

“Actually I am done. You can carry the soup to the table though,” she said as she handed Natasha the tray.

“Where is Alexis, by the way?” Natasha asked as she and Estelle walked towards the dining room where her father and Mitchell were.

“She’s with Rita upstairs getting changed,” Estelle said. Natasha turned and looked at Estelle.

“Rita’s here?” she asked.

“Yes, since last night,” Estelle said. Natasha put the tray on the dining room table and put bowls of soup in front of her father and husband before she took one.

“I’ll take mine upstairs. I need to say hi to Alexis,” she said. Estelle gave her a disapproving look.

“You came for dinner,” she said.

“I know but I will be back in a few minutes,” she said looking at Estelle. “I promise to be here for the main course,” she said before walking out. Mitchell looked at Estelle and shrugged.

“Is she okay?” he asked. Estelle nodded and sat down.

“I just told her that Rita was here since yesterday and she just...well, you saw what she did,” she said.

“Well, if Rita was here, even I am intrigued,” Mitchell said as he took a spoonful of his soup. “Great soup, Estelle,” he said before taking another spoonful. Estelle smiled in appreciation and began eating her own soup.

Meanwhile, Natasha made her way up the stairs to her old room. She pushed the door open and saw Rita playing peek-a-boo with Alexis on the bed. It was the perfect picture. She smiled and softly knocked on the door.

“Can a tired old mummy join the party?” she asked.

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