My Future With Mr White

By: J A Fielding

Rita laughed. Her mother always said that any time she embarked on a new endeavor.

“At least I got you to laugh,” Natasha said. “And now, we are going downstairs and have that dinner Estelle slaved over and the cake I brought and then you are coming home with me. You need me and you know it,” Natasha said as she picked Alexis up. Rita looked at her, surprised.

“When did you get time to bake?” she asked.

“Who said I baked? But Nan cannot know that or I swear to God I will kill you faster than you can say store bought,” Natasha warned her as they walked out of the bedroom. She suddenly stopped when she remembered the soup. “Do me a favor. That soup is already cold and I know Nan is going to give me an earful about it. Dump it,” she said in a whisper. Rita looked at her surprised.

“I thought you liked potato leek,” Rita said looking at her.

“Correction, Mitchell likes potato leek. I endure it,” she said as Rita walked to the bathroom and poured it down the toilet. Natasha stood guard at the door

“We are going to hell,” Rita said giggling as they walked down the stairs.

“Not if she doesn’t find out,” Natasha said.

“There you are. Are you okay?” Estelle asked looking at Rita who nodded.

“Everything’s fine Estelle. I just needed some time to myself,” she said. Estelle smiled at her.

“Good. Take a seat at the table. You guys are just in time for the main course,” she said. “You look like you enjoyed the soup. I have never seen a bowl so clean after serving you potato leek soup. Maybe I’ll give you some to take home with you,” Estelle said looking at Natasha.

“I’m sure Mitchell will love that,” she said as she walked into the dining room. Mitchell’s eyes lit up when he saw Alexis. He took her from Natasha’s arms as she took a seat next to Rita.

“So, baby, how do you like being a working mom?” Eric asked, looking at Natasha. It had only been a couple of months since Natasha went back to work. Initially, she had considered the idea of being a stay at home mom but that did not go so well. She was always in a bad mood because she lived what she termed a life of confinement.

“It’s amazing, Daddy. At least I actually look forward to going back home at the end of the day,” she said. Mitchell looked at her.

“Was there a time you did not look forward to being home?” he asked.

“Why do you think I insisted on going back to work? I love Alexis but I can’t handle her 24 hours a day without any other company around. I need a change of scenery every so often. We all do,” Natasha said as Estelle sat down.

“Okay everyone. Dig in,” she said. Natasha looked at Mitchell and smiled.

“I have invited Rita to stay with us for a few days,” she said in a whisper.

“Okay. Is there anything I need to know?” he asked.

“She is just going through some stuff right now. I’ll tell you later,” she whispered back. Mitchell smiled at her before turning his attention back to the baby. Natasha smiled in appreciation as she took a bite of her food. Estelle had really outdone herself this time, not that she did not deliver every time she worked in the kitchen. She looked at Rita and sighed. Her best friend had been there for her so many times before and this time, she had to be the one to offer a shoulder to cry on. She took another bite as she thought of the possibility of Rita and Dave breaking up and her mother heading back to rehab again. She would do anything and everything to be there for her friend, even if it meant taking a leave of absence. She turned to Mitchell again. “If worse comes to worst I will need to take some time off work,” she said. Mitchell smiled at her and nodded.

Chapter 2

Almost a month after she had asked Rita to move into her place, Natasha noticed that Rita was avoiding any and all instances that could lead to her bumping into Dave. She would open the gallery an hour earlier than usual and leave way before closing time, leaving her assistant to do the closing up for her. If Natasha knew anything about Rita, it was that she loved avoiding uncomfortable situations. But Natasha thought that there was probably more to the whole story than what Rita had told her and she had no way of confirming the whole thing since Rita was not talking.

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